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Jin-Mun Yun
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Solution‐processable reduced graphene oxide as a novel alternative to PEDOT: PSS hole transport layers for highly efficient and stable polymer solar cells
JM Yun, JS Yeo, J Kim, HG Jeong, DY Kim, YJ Noh, SS Kim, BC Ku, SI Na
Advanced Materials 23 (42), 4923-4928, 2011
Highly efficient and stable planar perovskite solar cells with reduced graphene oxide nanosheets as electrode interlayer
JS Yeo, R Kang, S Lee, YJ Jeon, NS Myoung, CL Lee, DY Kim, JM Yun, ...
Nano Energy 12, 96-104, 2015
Planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells with superior reproducibility
YJ Jeon, S Lee, R Kang, JE Kim, JS Yeo, SH Lee, SS Kim, JM Yun, ...
Scientific Reports 4 (1), 1-7, 2014
Efficient work-function engineering of solution-processed MoS 2 thin-films for novel hole and electron transport layers leading to high-performance polymer solar cells
JM Yun, YJ Noh, JS Yeo, YJ Go, SI Na, HG Jeong, J Kim, S Lee, SS Kim, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (24), 3777-3783, 2013
Significant vertical phase separation in solvent-vapor-annealed poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene): poly (styrene sulfonate) composite films leading to better conductivity and …
JS Yeo, JM Yun, DY Kim, S Park, SS Kim, MH Yoon, TW Kim, SI Na
ACS applied materials & interfaces 4 (5), 2551-2560, 2012
Direct observation of Ag filamentary paths in organic resistive memory devices
B Cho, JM Yun, S Song, Y Ji, DY Kim, T Lee
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (20), 3976-3981, 2011
Highly transparent and writable wood all-cellulose hybrid nanostructured paper
Z Fang, H Zhu, C Preston, X Han, Y Li, S Lee, X Chai, G Chen, L Hu
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (39), 6191-6197, 2013
High-performance polymer solar cells with moderately reduced graphene oxide as an efficient hole transporting layer
YJ Jeon, JM Yun, DY Kim, SI Na, SS Kim
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 105, 96-102, 2012
Exfoliated and Partially Oxidized MoS2 Nanosheets by One‐Pot Reaction for Efficient and Stable Organic Solar Cells
JM Yun, YJ Noh, CH Lee, SI Na, S Lee, SM Jo, HI Joh, DY Kim
Small 10 (12), 2319-2324, 2014
Fluorine-functionalized and simultaneously reduced graphene oxide as a novel hole transporting layer for highly efficient and stable organic photovoltaic cells
SH Kim, CH Lee, JM Yun, YJ Noh, SS Kim, S Lee, SM Jo, HI Joh, SI Na
Nanoscale 6 (13), 7183-7187, 2014
Successive solvent-treated PEDOT: PSS electrodes for flexible ITO-free organic photovoltaics
JS Yeo, JM Yun, DY Kim, SS Kim, SI Na
Solar energy materials and solar cells 114, 104-109, 2013
Highly Soluble Poly(thienylenevinylene) Derivatives with Charge-Carrier Mobility Exceeding 1 cm2V–1s–1
J Kim, B Lim, KJ Baeg, YY Noh, D Khim, HG Jeong, JM Yun, DY Kim
Chemistry of Materials 23 (21), 4663-4665, 2011
Quinoidal molecules as a new class of ambipolar semiconductor originating from amphoteric redox behavior
H Hwang, D Khim, JM Yun, E Jung, SY Jang, YH Jang, YY Noh, DY Kim
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (7), 1146-1156, 2015
Low‐temperature‐processed 9% colloidal quantum dot photovoltaic devices through interfacial management of p–n heterojunction
R Azmi, H Aqoma, WT Hadmojo, JM Yun, S Yoon, K Kim, YR Do, SH Oh, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (8), 1502146, 2016
Sulfonic acid-functionalized, reduced graphene oxide as an advanced interfacial material leading to donor polymer-independent high-performance polymer solar cells
JS Yeo, JM Yun, YS Jung, DY Kim, YJ Noh, SS Kim, SI Na
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (2), 292-298, 2014
Moderately reduced graphene oxide as transparent counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
HS Jang, JM Yun, DY Kim, DW Park, SI Na, SS Kim
Electrochimica Acta 81, 301-307, 2012
Stable charge storing in two-dimensional MoS 2 nanoflake floating gates for multilevel organic flash memory
M Kang, YA Kim, JM Yun, D Khim, J Kim, YY Noh, KJ Baeg, DY Kim
Nanoscale 6 (21), 12315-12323, 2014
Optimal ambipolar charge transport of thienylenevinylene-based polymer semiconductors by changes in conformation for high-performance organic thin film transistors and inverters
J Kim, KJ Baeg, D Khim, DT James, JS Kim, B Lim, JM Yun, HG Jeong, ...
Chemistry of Materials 25 (9), 1572-1583, 2013
Moderately reduced graphene oxide as hole transport layer in polymer solar cells via thermal assisted spray process
YJ Jeon, JM Yun, DY Kim, SI Na, SS Kim
Applied surface science 296, 140-146, 2014
In Situ Self-Formed Nanosheet MoS3/Reduced Graphene Oxide Material Showing Superior Performance as a Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode
U Chang, JT Lee, JM Yun, B Lee, SW Lee, HI Joh, KS Eom, TF Fuller
ACS nano 13 (2), 1490-1498, 2018
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