Jeong-Yun Sun
Jeong-Yun Sun
Associate Professor in Materials Science at Seoul National University의 이메일 확인됨 - 홈페이지
Highly stretchable and tough hydrogels
JY Sun, X Zhao, WRK Illeperuma, O Chaudhuri, KH Oh, DJ Mooney, ...
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Stretchable, transparent, ionic conductors
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Ionic skin
JY Sun, C Keplinger, GM Whitesides, Z Suo
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Highly stretchable, transparent ionic touch panel
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Folding wrinkles of a thin stiff layer on a soft substrate
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Transparent and attachable ionic communicators based on self-cleanable triboelectric nanogenerators
Y Lee, SH Cha, YW Kim, D Choi, JY Sun
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Stretchable ionics–a promising candidate for upcoming wearable devices
HR Lee, CC Kim, JY Sun
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Force and stroke of a hydrogel actuator
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Inorganic islands on a highly stretchable polyimide substrate
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Highly stretchable and notch-insensitive hydrogel based on polyacrylamide and milk protein
J Ma, J Lee, SS Han, KH Oh, KT Nam, JY Sun
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Interpenetrating networks with covalent and Ionic Crosslinks
JY Sun, X Zhao, WRK Illeperuma, KH Oh, JJ Vlassak, Z Suo, J Li, ...
US Patent 9,387,276, 2016
Hydrogel soft robotics
Y Lee, WJ Song, JY Sun
Materials Today Physics 15, 100258, 2020
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