Licia Capra
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Urban computing: concepts, methodologies, and applications
Y Zheng, L Capra, O Wolfson, H Yang
ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST) 5 (3), 1-55, 2014
Carisma: Context-aware reflective middleware system for mobile applications
L Capra, W Emmerich, C Mascolo
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Temporal diversity in recommender systems
N Lathia, S Hailes, L Capra, X Amatriain
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A survey of the use of crowdsourcing in software engineering
K Mao, L Capra, M Harman, Y Jia
Journal of Systems and Software 126, 57-84, 2017
xlinkit: A consistency checking and smart link generation service
C Nentwich, L Capra, W Emmerich, A Finkelsteiin
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Xmiddle: A data-sharing middleware for mobile computing
C Mascolo, L Capra, S Zachariadis, W Emmerich
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Who benefits from the" Sharing" economy of Airbnb?
G Quattrone, D Proserpio, D Quercia, L Capra, M Musolesi
Proceedings of the 25th international conference on world wide web, 1385-1394, 2016
Media sharing based on colocation prediction in urban transport
L McNamara, C Mascolo, L Capra
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Mobile computing middleware
C Mascolo, L Capra, W Emmerich
International Conference on Research in Networking, 20-58, 2002
Social ranking: uncovering relevant content using tag-based recommender systems
V Zanardi, L Capra
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Measuring the impact of opening the London shared bicycle scheme to casual users
N Lathia, S Ahmed, L Capra
Transportation research part C: emerging technologies 22, 88-102, 2012
Reflective middleware solutions for context-aware applications
L Capra, W Emmerich, C Mascolo
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Tracking" gross community happiness" from tweets
D Quercia, J Ellis, L Capra, J Crowcroft
Proceedings of the ACM 2012 conference on computer supported cooperative …, 2012
B-trust: Bayesian trust framework for pervasive computing
D Quercia, S Hailes, L Capra
International Conference on Trust Management, 298-312, 2006
Trust-based collaborative filtering
N Lathia, S Hailes, L Capra
IFIP international conference on trust management, 119-134, 2008
The social world of twitter: topics, geography, and emotions.
D Quercia, L Capra, J Crowcroft
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Temporal collaborative filtering with adaptive neighbourhoods
N Lathia, S Hailes, L Capra
Proceedings of the 32nd international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and …, 2009
Exploiting reflection in mobile computing middleware
L Capra, GS Blair, C Mascolo, W Emmerich, P Grace
ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review 6 (4), 34-44, 2002
FriendSensing: recommending friends using mobile phones
D Quercia, L Capra
Proceedings of the third ACM conference on Recommender systems, 273-276, 2009
Engineering human trust in mobile system collaborations
L Capra
ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 29 (6), 107-116, 2004
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