Jinseop S. Kim
Jinseop S. Kim
Department of Biological Sciences, Sungkyunkwan University
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Space–time wiring specificity supports direction selectivity in the retina
JS Kim, MJ Greene, A Zlateski, K Lee, M Richardson, SC Turaga, ...
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Digital museum of retinal ganglion cells with dense anatomy and physiology
JA Bae, S Mu, JS Kim, NL Turner, I Tartavull, N Kemnitz, CS Jordan, ...
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Analogous convergence of sustained and transient inputs in parallel on and off pathways for retinal motion computation
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From Caenorhabditis elegans to the human connectome: a specific modular organization increases metabolic, functional and developmental efficiency
JS Kim, M Kaiser
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 369 …, 2014
Priority queues with bursty arrivals of incoming tasks
N Masuda, JS Kim, B Kahng
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Self-similarity in fractal and non-fractal networks
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Dynamics of multi-player games
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Universal heavy-tailed behavior in waiting time distribution in a queue
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