isabel santos magalhaes
isabel santos magalhaes
Senior lecturer, University of Roehampton의 이메일 확인됨 - 홈페이지
Speciation through sensory drive in cichlid fish
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Verificação de efetividade potencial da política nacional para transformar a mobilidade das cidades brasileiras
I Magalhães, E Santos
XXXIII Congresso de Ensino e Pesquisa em Transporte–ANPET, 2017
Intercontinental genomic parallelism in multiple three-spined stickleback adaptive radiations
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Microplastic Filter: EcoTap
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Hands-on science: Science education, discovering and understanding the …, 2020
Chapter Fourteen Geographical Mode and Evolutionary Mechanism
O Seehausen, IS Magalhaes
In Search of the Causes of Evolution: From Field Observations to Mechanisms, 282, 2010
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