Serge Planton
Serge Planton
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A simple parameterization of land surface processes for meteorological models
J Noilhan, S Planton
Monthly weather review 117 (3), 536-549, 1989
The CNRM-CM5. 1 global climate model: description and basic evaluation
A Voldoire, E Sanchez-Gomez, DS y Mélia, B Decharme, C Cassou, ...
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The PIRATA program: History, accomplishments, and future directions
B Bourlès, R Lumpkin, MJ McPhaden, F Hernandez, P Nobre, E Campos, ...
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Description and validation of the CNRM-CM3 global coupled model
D Salas-Mélia, F Chauvin, M Déqué, H Douville, JF Gueremy, P Marquet, ...
CNRM working note 103, 36, 2005
Expected impacts of climate change on extreme climate events
S Planton, M Déqué, F Chauvin, L Terray
Comptes Rendus Geoscience 340 (9-10), 564-574, 2008
Importance of vegetation feedbacks in doubled‐CO2 climate experiments
H Douville, S Planton, JF Royer, DB Stephenson, S Tyteca, L Kergoat, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 105 (D11), 14841-14861, 2000
Application of regularised optimal fingerprinting to attribution. Part I: Method, properties and idealised analysis
A Ribes, S Planton, L Terray
Climate dynamics 41 (11-12), 2817-2836, 2013
Northern hemisphere storm tracks during the last glacial maximum in the PMIP2 ocean-atmosphere coupled models: energetic study, seasonal cycle, precipitation
A Laîné, M Kageyama, D Salas-Mélia, A Voldoire, G Riviere, G Ramstein, ...
Climate Dynamics 32 (5), 593-614, 2009
Implementation of the ISBA parametrization scheme for land surface processes in a GCM—an annual cycle experiment
AO Manzi, S Planton
Journal of Hydrology 155 (3-4), 353-387, 1994
Impact of doubled CO2 on global‐scale leaf area index and evapotranspiration: Conflicting stomatal conductance and LAI responses
L Kergoat, S Lafont, H Douville, B Berthelot, G Dedieu, S Planton, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 107 (D24), ACL 30-1-ACL 30-16, 2002
A sensitivity experiment for the removal of Arctic sea ice with the French spectral general circulation model
JF Royer, S Planton, M Déqué
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Vulnerability of two European lakes in response to future climatic changes
PA Danis, U Von Grafenstein, V Masson‐Delmotte, S Planton, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 31 (21), 2004
Uncertainties linked to land-surface processes in climate change simulations
JF Crossley, J Polcher, PM Cox, N Gedney, S Planton
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Introduction: mediterranean climate—background information
P Lionello, F Abrantes, L Congedi, F Dulac, M Gacic, D Gomis, ...
The climate of the Mediterranean region: From the past to the future, xxxv-xc, 2012
Cloud‐radiative effects on implied oceanic energy transports as simulated by atmospheric general circulation models
PJ Gleckler, DA Randall, G Boer, R Colman, M Dix, V Galin, M Helfand, ...
Geophysical research letters 22 (7), 791-794, 1995
Study of the air-sea interactions at the mesoscale: The SEMAPHORE experiment
L Eymard, S Planton, P Durand, C Le Visage, PY Le Traon, L Prieur, ...
Annales Geophysicae 14 (9), 986-1015, 1996
The climate of the Mediterranean region: research progress and climate change impacts
P Lionello, F Abrantes, M Gacic, S Planton, R Trigo, U Ulbrich
Regional Environmental Change 14 (5), 1679-1684, 2014
Simulation des changements climatiques au cours du XXIe siècle incluant l'ozone stratosphérique
JF Royer, D Cariolle, F Chauvin, M Déqué, H Douville, RM Hu, S Planton, ...
Comptes Rendus Geoscience 334 (3), 147-154, 2002
Present wave climate in the Bay of Biscay: spatiotemporal variability and trends from 1958 to 2001
E Charles, D Idier, J Thiébot, G Le Cozannet, R Pedreros, F Ardhuin, ...
Journal of Climate 25 (6), 2020-2039, 2012
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