Minhui Xue (Jason Xue)
Minhui Xue (Jason Xue)
Lecturer (a.k.a. Assistant Professor), The University of Adelaide
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DeepGauge: Multi-Granularity Testing Criteria for Deep Learning Systems
L Ma, F Juefei-Xu, F Zhang, J Sun, M Xue, B Li, C Chen, T Su, L Li, Y Liu, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1803.07519, 2018
Deepmutation: Mutation testing of deep learning systems
L Ma, F Zhang, J Sun, M Xue, B Li, F Juefei-Xu, C Xie, L Li, Y Liu, J Zhao, ...
2018 IEEE 29th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering …, 2018
Deephunter: a coverage-guided fuzz testing framework for deep neural networks
X Xie, L Ma, F Juefei-Xu, M Xue, H Chen, Y Liu, J Zhao, B Li, J Yin, S See
Proceedings of the 28th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Software …, 2019
Stormdroid: A streaminglized machine learning-based system for detecting android malware
S Chen, M Xue, Z Tang, L Xu, H Zhu
Proceedings of the 11th ACM on Asia Conference on Computer and …, 2016
Automated poisoning attacks and defenses in malware detection systems: An adversarial machine learning approach
S Chen, M Xue, L Fan, S Hao, L Xu, H Zhu, B Li
computers & security 73, 326-344, 2018
Deepct: Tomographic combinatorial testing for deep learning systems
L Ma, F Juefei-Xu, M Xue, B Li, L Li, Y Liu, J Zhao
2019 IEEE 26th International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and …, 2019
Invisible Backdoor Attacks on Deep Neural Networks via Steganography and Regularization
S Li, M Xue, BZH Zhao, H Zhu, X Zhang
arXiv preprint arXiv:1909.02742, 2020
Combinatorial testing for deep learning systems
L Ma, F Zhang, M Xue, B Li, Y Liu, J Zhao, Y Wang
arXiv preprint arXiv:1806.07723, 2018
An Empirical Assessment of Global COVID-19 Contact Tracing Applications
R Sun, W Wang, M Xue, G Tyson, S Camtepe, D Ranasinghe
arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.10933, 2020
Coverage-guided fuzzing for deep neural networks
X Xie, L Ma, F Juefei-Xu, H Chen, M Xue, B Li, Y Liu, J Zhao, J Yin, S See
arXiv preprint arXiv:1809.01266 3, 2018
Smoke Screener or Straight Shooter: Detecting Elite Sybil Attacks in User-Review Social Networks
H Zheng, M Xue, H Lu, S Hao, H Zhu, X Liang, K Ross
Proceedings of Internet Society Symposium on Network and Distributed System …, 2018
An Empirical Assessment of Security Risks of Global Android Banking Apps
S Chen, L Fan, G Meng, T Su, M Xue, Y Xue, Y Liu, L Xu
ACM ICSE 2020, 2020
Are Mobile Banking Apps Secure? What Can Be Improved?
S Chen, T Su, L Fan, G Meng, M Xue, Y Liu, L Xu
In Proceedings of the 26th ACM Joint European Software Engineering …, 2018
Differentially Private Data Generative Models
Q Chen, C Xiang, M Xue, B Li, N Borisov, MA Kaafar, H Zhu
http://arxiv.org/abs/1812.02274, 2018
The right to be forgotten in the media: A data-driven study
M Xue, G Magno, E Landulfo Teixeira P Cunha, V Almeida, KW Ross
Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies 2016 (4), 389-402, 2016
I know where you are: thwarting privacy protection in location-based social discovery services
M Xue, Y Liu, KW Ross, H Qian
2015 IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops (INFOCOM WKSHPS …, 2015
Gui-squatting attack: Automated generation of android phishing apps
S Chen, L Fan, C Chen, M Xue, Y Liu, L Xu
IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, 2019
Secure deep learning engineering: A software quality assurance perspective
L Ma, F Juefei-Xu, M Xue, Q Hu, S Chen, B Li, Y Liu, J Zhao, J Yin, S See
arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.04538, 2018
Characterizing user behaviors in location-based find-and-flirt services: Anonymity and demographics
M Xue, L Yang, KW Ross, H Qian
Peer-to-peer networking and applications 10 (2), 357-367, 2017
You can yak but you can't hide: Localizing anonymous social network users
M Xue, C Ballard, K Liu, C Nemelka, Y Wu, K Ross, H Qian
Proceedings of the 2016 Internet Measurement Conference, 25-31, 2016
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