Sarah L Codd
Sarah L Codd
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Spatial coherence phenomena arising from translational spin motion in gradient spin echo experiments
PT Callaghan, SL Codd, JD Seymour
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Physical determinants of bronchial mucosal folding
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An Eulerian finite‐volume scheme for large elastoplastic deformations in solids
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High-density targeting of a viral multifunctional nanoplatform to a pathogenic, biofilm-forming bacterium
PA Suci, DL Berglund, L Liepold, S Brumfield, B Pitts, W Davison, ...
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Tensile stiffness of ovine tracheal wall
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JA Hornemann, AA Lysova, SL Codd, JD Seymour, SC Busse, PS Stewart, ...
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X Yang, TD Scheibe, MC Richmond, WA Perkins, SJ Vogt, SL Codd, ...
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Magnetic resonance microscopy
S Codd, JD Seymour
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R Meder, SL Codd, RA Franich, PT Callaghan, JM Pope
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A PGSE study of propane gas flow through model porous bead packs
SL Codd, SA Altobelli
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