changwhan oh
changwhan oh
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First finding of eclogite facies metamorphic event in South Korea and its correlation with the Dabie-Sulu collision belt in China
CW Oh, SW Kim, SG Choi, M Zhai, J Guo, S Krishnan
The Journal of Geology 113 (2), 226-232, 2005
A new concept on tectonic correlation between Korea, China and Japan: histories from the late Proterozoic to Cretaceous
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Phanerozoic high-pressure eclogite and intermediate-pressure granulite facies metamorphism in the Gyeonggi Massif, South Korea: implications for the eastward extension of the …
SW Kim, CW Oh, IS Williams, D Rubatto, IC Ryu, VJ Rajesh, CB Kim, ...
Lithos 92 (3-4), 357-377, 2006
The Late Permian to Triassic Hongseong-Odesan collision belt in South Korea, and its tectonic correlation with China and Japan
CW Oh, T Kusky
International Geology Review 49 (7), 636-657, 2007
SHRIMP zircon geochronology, and geochemical characteristics of metaplutonic rocks from the south-western Gyeonggi Block, Korea: Implications for Paleoproterozoic to Mesozoic …
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Polyphase and anticlockwise P‐T evolution for Franciscan eclogites and blueschists from Jenner, California, USA
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A petrogenetic grid for eclogite and related facies under high‐pressure metamorphism
CW Oh, JG Liou
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Petrology, geochemistry, and geochronology of the post-collisional Triassic mangerite and syenite in the Gwangcheon area, Hongseong Belt, South Korea
J Seo, SG Choi, CW Oh
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Petrology, geochronology and tectonic implications of Mesozoic high Ba–Sr granites in the Haemi area, Hongseong Belt, South Korea
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CW Oh, S Krishnan, SW Kim, YW Kwon
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Neoproterozoic tectonic evolution of the Hongseong area, southwestern Gyeonggi Massif, South Korea; implication for the tectonic evolution of Northeast Asia
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Spinel granulite in Odesan area, South Korea: Tectonic implications for the collision between the North and South China blocks
CW Oh, SW Kim, IS Williams
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Metamorphic evolution of two different eclogites in the Franciscan Complex, California, USA
CW Oh, JG Liou
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Ridge subduction-related Jurassic plutonism in and around the Okcheon metamorphic belt, South Korea, and implications for northeast Asian tectonics
SW Kim, CW Oh, SG Choi, IC Ryu, T Itaya
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SHRIMP zircon age of a Proterozoic rapakivi granite batholith in the Gyeonggi massif (South Korea) and its geological implications
M Zhai, Z Ni, CW Oh, J Guo, SG Choi
Geological Magazine 142 (1), 23-30, 2005
Paleoproterozoic magmatic and metamorphic events in the Hongcheon area, southern margin of the Northern Gyeonggi Massif in the Korean Peninsula, and their links to the …
BC Lee, CW Oh, KS Yengkhom, K Yi
Precambrian Research 248, 17-38, 2014
Low-temperature eclogites and eclogitic schists in Mn-rich metabasites in Ward Creek, California; Mn and Fe effects on the transition between blueschist and eclogite
CW Oh, JG Liou, S Maruyama
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Permo-Triassic and Paleoproterozoic metamorphism related to continental collision in Yangpyeong, South Korea
CW Oh, T Imayama, SY Lee, SB Yi, K Yi, BC Lee
Lithos 216, 264-284, 2015
Neoproterozoic bimodal volcanism in the Okcheon Belt, South Korea, and its comparison with the Nanhua Rift, South China: implications for rifting in Rodinia
SW Kim, CW Oh, IC Ryu, IS Williams, K Sajeev, M Santosh, VJ Rajesh
The Journal of Geology 114 (6), 717-733, 2006
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