Duc Thien Tran
Duc Thien Tran
Ph.D, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education
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Adaptive backstepping sliding mode control for equilibrium position tracking of an electrohydraulic elastic manipulator
DT Tran, DX Ba, KK Ahn
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Disturbance observer based finite time trajectory tracking control for a 3 DOF hydraulic manipulator including actuator dynamics
TX Dinh, TD Thien, THV Anh, KK Ahn
IEEE Access 6, 36798-36809, 2018
Adaptive fuzzy backstepping sliding mode control for a 3-DOF hydraulic manipulator with nonlinear disturbance observer for large payload variation
HVA Truong, DT Tran, XD To, KK Ahn, M Jin
Applied Sciences 9 (16), 3290, 2019
Adaptive backstepping sliding mode control based RBFNN for a hydraulic manipulator including actuator dynamics
DT Tran, HVA Truong, KK Ahn
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Robust position and vibration control of an electrohydraulic series elastic manipulator against disturbance generated by a variable stiffness actuator
MN Nguyen, DT Tran, KK Ahn
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Nonlinear extended state observer based on output feedback control for a manipulator with time-varying output constraints and external disturbance
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Extended high gain observer-based sliding mode control for an electro-hydraulic system with a variant payload
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A neural network based sliding mode control for tracking performance with parameters variation of a 3-DOF manipulator
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Output feedback control via linear extended state observer for an uncertain manipulator with output constraints and input dead-zone
DT Tran, HV Dao, TQ Dinh, KK Ahn
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Tracking control for an Electro-hydraulic rotary actuator using fractional order fuzzy PID controller
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2017 14th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient …, 2017
RBF Neural Network Based Backstepping Control for an Electrohydraulic Elastic Manipulator
DT Tran, MN Nguyen, KK Ahn
Applied Sciences 9 (11), 2237, 2019
Adaptive sliding mode control with backstepping technique for hydraulic manipulator
DT Tran, HVA Truong, XD To, B Seo, KK Ahn
제어로봇시스템학회 국내학술대회 논문집, 116-119, 2018
Adaptive neural command filtered control for pneumatic active suspension with prescribed performance and input saturation
CM Ho, DT Tran, CH Nguyen, KK Ahn
IEEE Access 9, 56855-56868, 2021
Active Fault Tolerant Control System Design for Hydraulic Manipulator With Internal Leakage Faults Based on Disturbance Observer and Online Adaptive Identification
HV Dao, DT Tran, KK Ahn
IEEE Access 9, 23850-23862, 2021
Super Twisting Control with Backstepping Design for Electro-Hydraulic System with Unknown Perturbation
DT Tran, MT Nguyen, MN Nguyen, KK Ahn
International Conference on Mechatronics Technology, 2017
A Robust Observer for Sensor Faults Estimation on n-DOF Manipulator in Constrained Framework Environment
HVA Truong, HA Trinh, DT Tran, KK Ahn
IEEE Access 9, 88439-88451, 2021
Adaptive sliding mode control based nonlinear disturbance observer for active suspension with pneumatic spring
CM Ho, DT Tran, KK Ahn
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A consensus sliding mode control for trajectory tracking of multiple manipulators
D Thien, T Tai, KK Ahn
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Adaptive Nonsingular Fast Terminal Sliding mode Control of Robotic Manipulator Based Neural Network Approach
DT Tran, KK Ahn
International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing 22 (3), 417-429, 2021
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