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N. S. M. Viswanath
N. S. M. Viswanath
Postdoctoral Fellow; Hanyang University; Division of Material Science and Engineering
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Trích dẫn bởi
phosphor plates for high-power LED applications: challenges and opportunities toward perfect lighting
YH Kim, NSM Viswanath, S Unithrattil, HJ Kim, WB Im
ECS Journal of solid state science and technology 7 (1), R3134, 2017
Mechanochemistry as a green route: Synthesis, thermal stability, and postsynthetic reversible phase transformation of highly-luminescent cesium copper halides
GK Grandhi, NSM Viswanath, HB Cho, JH Han, SM Kim, S Choi, WB Im
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (18), 7723-7729, 2020
A new persistent blue-emitting phosphor: Tailoring the trap density for enhancing the persistent time
NSM Viswanath, GK Grandhi, HJ Kim, Y Zhuang, RJ Xie, WB Im
Applied Materials Today 18, 100518, 2020
Robust, Brighter Red Emission from CsPbI3 Perovskite Nanocrystals via Endotaxial Protection
GK Grandhi, NSM Viswanath, JH In, HB Cho, WB Im
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (9), 3699-3704, 2020
Zero-thermal-quenching layered metal halide perovskite
JH Han, NSM Viswanath, YM Park, HB Cho, SW Jang, JW Min, WB Im
Chemistry of Materials 34 (12), 5690-5697, 2022
Zero-thermal-quenching and improved chemical stability of a UCr4C4-type phosphor via crystal site engineering
NSM Viswanath, GK Grandhi, HT Huu, H Choi, HJ Kim, SM Kim, HY Kim, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 420, 127664, 2021
Highly stable zero-dimensional lead-free metal halides for X-ray imaging
JH Han, T Samanta, YM Park, HJ Kim, NS Manikanta Viswanath, HW Kim, ...
ACS Energy Letters 8 (1), 545-552, 2022
Strategies for improving luminescence efficiencies of blue-emitting metal halide perovskites
GK Grandhi, HJ Kim, NSM Viswanath, HB Cho, JH Han, SM Kim, WB Im
Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society 58, 28-41, 2021
Highly stable hetero-structured green-emitting cesium lead bromide nanocrystals via ligand-mediated phase control
GK Grandhi, NSM Viswanath, HB Cho, SM Kim, WB Im
Nanoscale 11 (44), 21137-21146, 2019
Prussian Blue decorated g-C3N4–From novel synthesis to insight study on charge transfer strategy for improving visible-light driven photo-Fenton catalytic activity
LN Thi, TTT Phan, TN Ngoc, NSM Viswanath, HTT Le, LT Thi, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 916, 165331, 2022
Correlated Na+ Ion Migration Invokes Zero Thermal Quenching in a Sodium Superionic Conductor-type Phosphor
NSM Viswanath, MH Fang, HT Huu, JH Han, RS Liu, WB Im
Chemistry of Materials 34 (1), 107-115, 2021
A nanosheet phosphor of double-layered perovskite with unusual intrananosheet site activator concentration
NSM Viswanath, P Arunkumar, HJ Kim, WB Im
Chemical Engineering Journal 375, 122044, 2019
Octahedral distortion driven by CsPbI 3 nanocrystal reaction temperature–the effects on phase stability and beyond
A Matuhina, GK Grandhi, M Liu, JH Smått, NSM Viswanath, H Ali-Löytty, ...
Nanoscale 13 (33), 14186-14196, 2021
Thermally Stable Self‐Trapped Assisted Single‐Component White Light from Lead‐Free Zero‐Dimensional Metal Halide Nanocrystals
T Samanta, NSM Viswanath, SW Jang, JW Min, HB Cho, JH Han, WB Im
Advanced Optical Materials 11 (9), 2202744, 2023
Role of Self-Trapped Excitons in the Broadband Emission of Lead-Free Perovskite-Inspired Cu2AgBiI6
GK Grandhi, R Dhama, NSM Viswanath, ES Lisitsyna, B Al-Anesi, J Dana, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 14 (18), 4192-4199, 2023
Antimony-bismuth alloying: the key to a major boost in the efficiency of lead-free perovskite-inspired indoor photovoltaics
B Al-Anesi, GK Grandhi, A Pecoraro, V Sugathan, NSM Viswanath, ...
Three-dimensional lead halide perovskites embedded in zero-dimensional lead halide perovskites: synthesis, stability, and applications
HB Cho, JW Min, HJ Kim, NSM Viswanath, T Samanta, JH Han, YM Park, ...
ACS Applied Electronic Materials 5 (1), 66-76, 2022
Low-temperature synthesis of Fe2(MoO4)3nanosheets: A cathode for sodium ion batteries with kinetics enhancement
HT Huu, NSM Viswanath, NH Vu, JW Lee, WB Im
Nano Research 14, 3977-3987, 2021
Im WB Review—Phosphor Plates for High-Power LED Applications: Challenges and Opportunities toward Perfect Lighting. ECS J
YH Kim, NSM Viswanath, S Unithrattil, HJ Kim
Solid State Sci. Technol 7, R3134-R3147, 2018
Recent progress in lanthanide-based metal halide perovskites: Synthesis, properties, and applications
T Samanta, N Mukurala, NSM Viswanath, JH Han, HB Cho, JW Min, ...
Optical Materials: X, 100238, 2023
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