Ronald W Falta
Ronald W Falta
Professor of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, Clemson University
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Density‐driven flow of gas in the unsaturated zone due to the evaporation of volatile organic compounds
RW Falta, I Javandel, K Pruess, PA Witherspoon
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RW Falta, K Pruess, I Javandel, PA Witherspoon
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T2VOC user's guide
RW Falta, K Pruess, S Finsterle, A Battistelli
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Vadose zone science and technology solutions
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Defining the air sparging radius of influence for groundwater remediation
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L Zuo, C Zhang, RW Falta, SM Benson
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RW Falta
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Carbon dioxide capture from a cement manufacturing process
GC Blount, RW Falta, AA Siddall
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Temporal evolution of DNAPL source and contaminant flux distribution: Impacts of source mass depletion
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GL Hein, JS Gierke, NJ Hutzler, RW Falta
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