Juul Limpens
Juul Limpens
Associate Professor, Plant Ecology and Nature conservation, Wageningen University
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Peatlands and the carbon cycle: from local processes to global implications–a synthesis
J Limpens, F Berendse, C Blodau, JG Canadell, C Freeman, J Holden, ...
Biogeosciences 5 (5), 1475-1491, 2008
Atmospheric nitrogen deposition promotes carbon loss from peat bogs
L Bragazza, C Freeman, T Jones, H Rydin, J Limpens, N Fenner, T Ellis, ...
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Expansion of invasive species on ombrotrophic bogs: desiccation or high N deposition?
HBM Tomassen, AJP Smolders, J Limpens, LPM Lamers, JGM Roelofs
Journal of applied Ecology 41 (1), 139-150, 2004
Nutritional constraints in ombrotrophic Sphagnum plants under increasing atmospheric nitrogen deposition in Europe
L Bragazza, T Tahvanainen, L Kutnar, H Rydin, J Limpens, M Hájek, ...
New Phytologist 163 (3), 609-616, 2004
Nitrogen concentration and δ15N signature of ombrotrophic Sphagnum mosses at different N deposition levels in Europe
L Bragazza, J Limpens, R Gerdol, P Grosvernier, M Hájek, T Hájek, ...
Global Change Biology 11 (1), 106-114, 2005
N deposition affects N availability in interstitial water, growth of Sphagnum and invasion of vascular plants in bog vegetation
J Limpens, F Berendse, H Klees
New phytologist 157 (2), 339-347, 2003
How litter quality affects mass loss and N loss from decomposing Sphagnum
J Limpens, F Berendse
Oikos 103 (3), 537-547, 2003
Growth reduction of Sphagnum magellanicum subjected to high nitrogen deposition: the role of amino acid nitrogen concentration
J Limpens, F Berendse
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How phosphorus availability affects the impact of nitrogen deposition on Sphagnum and vascular plants in bogs
J Limpens, F Berendse, H Klees
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Decreased summer water table depth affects peatland vegetation
A Breeuwer, BJM Robroek, J Limpens, MMPD Heijmans, MGC Schouten, ...
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Ecosystem responses to reduced and oxidised nitrogen inputs in European terrestrial habitats
CJ Stevens, P Manning, LJL Van den Berg, MCC De Graaf, ...
Environmental Pollution 159 (3), 665-676, 2011
Permafrost collapse after shrub removal shifts tundra ecosystem to a methane source
AL Nauta, MMPD Heijmans, D Blok, J Limpens, B Elberling, A Gallagher, ...
Nature Climate Change 5 (1), 67-70, 2015
Cell-wall polysaccharides play an important role in decay resistance of Sphagnum and actively depressed decomposition in vitro
T Hájek, S Ballance, J Limpens, M Zijlstra, JTA Verhoeven
Biogeochemistry 103 (1), 45-57, 2011
Climatic modifiers of the response to nitrogen deposition in peat‐forming Sphagnum mosses: a meta‐analysis
J Limpens, G Granath, U Gunnarsson, R Aerts, S Bayley, L Bragazza, ...
New Phytologist 191 (2), 496-507, 2011
Interactive effects of water table and precipitation on net CO2 assimilation of three co‐occurring Sphagnum mosses differing in distribution above the water table
BJM Robroek, MGC Schouten, J Limpens, F Berendse, H Poorter
Global Change Biology 15 (3), 680-691, 2009
The nitrogen cycle in boreal peatlands
J Limpens, MMPD Heijmans, F Berendse
Boreal peatland ecosystems, 195-230, 2006
Effects of water level and temperature on performance of four Sphagnum mosses
BJM Robroek, J Limpens, A Breeuwer, MGC Schouten
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Expansion of Sphagnum fallax in bogs: striking the balance between N and P availability
J Limpens, HBM Tomassen, F Berendse
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Persistent versus transient tree encroachment of temperate peat bogs: effects of climate warming and drought events
MMPD Heijmans, YAM van der Knaap, M Holmgren, J Limpens
Global Change Biology 19 (7), 2240-2250, 2013
The interaction between epiphytic algae, a parasitic fungus and Sphagnum as affected by N and P
J Limpens, JTAG Raymakers, J Baar, F Berendse, JD Zijlstra
Oikos 103 (1), 59-68, 2003
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