Joey D. Ocon
Joey D. Ocon
Associate Professor and Department Chair, UP Scientist II, Dep't. of Chemical의 이메일 확인됨 - 홈페이지
Electrochemical oxidation remediation of real wastewater effluents—a review
S Garcia-Segura, JD Ocon, MN Chong
Process Safety and Environmental Protection 113, 48-67, 2018
Oxygen electrocatalysis in chemical energy conversion and storage technologies
J Lee, B Jeong, JD Ocon
Current Applied Physics 13 (2), 309-321, 2013
Insights into an autonomously formed oxygen-evacuated Cu 2 O electrode for the selective production of C 2 H 4 from CO 2
D Kim, S Lee, JD Ocon, B Jeong, JK Lee, J Lee
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (2), 824-830, 2015
Alkaline CO2 Electrolysis toward Selective and Continuous HCOO Production over SnO2 Nanocatalysts
S Lee, JD Ocon, Y Son, J Lee
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (9), 4884-4890, 2015
Ultrafast and stable hydrogen generation from sodium borohydride in methanol and water over Fe–B nanoparticles
JD Ocon, TN Tuan, Y Yi, RL de Leon, JK Lee, J Lee
Journal of power sources 243, 444-450, 2013
Prospects of electrochemically synthesized hematite photoanodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting: a review
YW Phuan, WJ Ong, MN Chong, JD Ocon
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology C: Photochemistry Reviews 33, 54-82, 2017
Functionalized Graphene‐Based Cathode for Highly Reversible Lithium–Sulfur Batteries
JW Kim, JD Ocon, DW Park, J Lee
ChemSusChem 7 (5), 1265-1273, 2014
Direct power generation from waste coffee grounds in a biomass fuel cell
H Jang, JD Ocon, S Lee, JK Lee, J Lee
Journal of Power sources 296, 433-439, 2015
In situ Ni-doping during cathodic electrodeposition of hematite for excellent photoelectrochemical performance of nanostructured nickel oxide-hematite pn junction photoanode
YW Phuan, E Ibrahim, MN Chong, T Zhu, BK Lee, JD Ocon, ES Chan
Applied Surface Science 392, 144-152, 2017
Diagnosis of the measurement inconsistencies of carbon-based electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media
D Shin, B Jeong, M Choun, JD Ocon, J Lee
RSC advances 5 (2), 1571-1580, 2015
Ammonium Vanadium Bronze (NH4V4O10) as a High-Capacity Cathode Material for Nonaqueous Magnesium-Ion Batteries
EA Esparcia Jr, MS Chae, JD Ocon, ST Hong
Chemistry of Materials 30 (11), 3690-3696, 2018
Excavated Fe‐N‐C Sites for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity in the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
B Jeong, D Shin, H Jeon, JD Ocon, BS Mun, J Baik, HJ Shin, J Lee
ChemSusChem 7 (5), 1289-1294, 2014
Enhancing role of nickel in the nickel–palladium bilayer for electrocatalytic oxidation of ethanol in alkaline media
JAD del Rosario, JD Ocon, H Jeon, Y Yi, JK Lee, J Lee
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (39), 22473-22478, 2014
Gently reduced graphene oxide incorporated into cobalt oxalate rods as bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst
D Phihusut, JD Ocon, B Jeong, JW Kim, JK Lee, J Lee
Electrochimica Acta 140, 404-411, 2014
Electrocatalytic oxygen evolution reaction at a FeNi composite on a carbon nanofiber matrix in alkaline media
X An, D Shin, JD Ocon, JK Lee, Y Son, J Lee
Chinese Journal of Catalysis 35 (6), 891-895, 2014
Enhanced reversible capacity of Li-S battery cathode based on graphene oxide
JW Kim, JD Ocon, DW Park, J Lee
Journal of energy chemistry 22 (2), 336-340, 2013
Improvement of Energy Capacity with Vitamin C Treated Dual‐Layered Graphene–Sulfur Cathodes in Lithium–Sulfur Batteries
JW Kim, JD Ocon, HS Kim, J Lee
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Electrode architecture in galvanic and electrolytic energy cells
B Jeong, JD Ocon, J Lee
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (16), 4870-4880, 2016
Quasi-perpetual discharge behaviour in p-type Ge–air batteries
JD Ocon, JW Kim, GHA Abrenica, JK Lee, J Lee
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (41), 22487-22494, 2014
Multi-dimensional zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoarchitectures as efficient photocatalysts: What is the fundamental factor that determines photoactivity in ZnO?
JS Chang, J Strunk, MN Chong, PE Poh, JD Ocon
Journal of hazardous materials 381, 120958, 2020
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