Ki-won Haan
Ki-won Haan
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Group Brainstorming: The Effects of Collective Intelligence, Individual Ability, and Task Structure
B Ostrowski, AW Woolley, K Haan
Academy of Management Proceedings 2019 (1), 13905, 2019
Collective Intelligence and Multicultural Globally Dispersed Team Performance: The Role of Collectivism and Team Interdependence
A Woolley, E Glikson, KW Haan, R Harush, YJ Kim
Academy of Management Global Proceedings, 251, 2018
A Leader’s Humor and Unit Performance: When and How Does Their Relationship Work?
Y Choi, K Haan, D Lee
Academy of Management Proceedings 2016 (1), 11692, 2016
Work Context Paradox: Juggling Job Demands and Proactive Behavior
K Haan, L Hong
Academy of Management Proceedings 2015 (1), 18895, 2015
Shedding New Light on the Black Box: High-Performance Work Systems and Proactivity
K Haan
Academy of Management Proceedings 2015 (1), 18475, 2015
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