Jungho Ryu
Jungho Ryu
Principal Researcher, KIGAM
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Substrate-Specific Photocatalytic Activities of TiO2 and Multiactivity Test for Water Treatment Application
J Ryu, W Choi
Environmental science & technology 42 (1), 294-300, 2008
Effects of TiO2 surface modifications on photocatalytic oxidation of arsenite: the role of superoxides
J Ryu, W Choi
Environmental science & technology 38 (10), 2928-2933, 2004
Photocatalytic oxidation of arsenite on TiO2: understanding the controversial oxidation mechanism involving superoxides and the effect of alternative electron acceptors
J Ryu, W Choi
Environmental science & technology 40 (22), 7034-7039, 2006
Onset potential behavior in α-Fe 2 O 3 photoanodes: the influence of surface and diffusion Sn doping on the surface states
PS Shinde, SH Choi, Y Kim, J Ryu, JS Jang
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (4), 2495-2509, 2016
Photocatalytic Oxidation Mechanism of As(III) on TiO2: Unique Role of As(III) as a Charge Recombinant Species
W Choi, J Yeo, J Ryu, T Tachikawa, T Majima
Environmental science & technology 44 (23), 9099-9104, 2010
Granulation of Li1. 33Mn1. 67O4 (LMO) through the use of cross-linked chitosan for the effective recovery of Li+ from seawater
HJ Hong, IS Park, T Ryu, J Ryu, BG Kim, KS Chung
Chemical engineering journal 234, 16-22, 2013
Investigation of the strontium (Sr (II)) adsorption of an alginate microsphere as a low-cost adsorbent for removal and recovery from seawater
HJ Hong, J Ryu, IS Park, T Ryu, KS Chung, BG Kim
Journal of environmental management 165, 263-270, 2016
Channel allocation and reallocation in a communication system
Z Reznic, I Lusky, N Sommer, Y Bendel
US Patent App. 10/273,560, 2003
Arsenite oxidation initiated by the UV photolysis of nitrite and nitrate
D Kim, J Lee, J Ryu, K Kim, W Choi
Environmental science & technology 48 (7), 4030-4037, 2014
Photooxidation of arsenite under 254 nm irradiation with a quantum yield higher than unity
J Ryu, D Monllor-Satoca, D Kim, J Yeo, W Choi
Environmental science & technology 47 (16), 9381-9387, 2013
Strontium ion (Sr2+) separation from seawater by hydrothermally structured titanate nanotubes: removal vs. recovery
J Ryu, S Kim, HJ Hong, J Hong, M Kim, T Ryu, IS Park, KS Chung, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 304, 503-510, 2016
Solar conversion of seawater uranium (VI) using TiO2 electrodes
YK Kim, S Lee, J Ryu, H Park
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HJ Hong, BG Kim, J Hong, J Ryu, T Ryu, KS Chung, H Kim, IS Park
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Titania nanofibers as a photo-antenna for dye-sensitized solar hydrogen
SK Choi, S Kim, J Ryu, SK Lim, H Park
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 11 (9), 1437-1444, 2012
Trade-off between Zr Passivation and Sn Doping on Hematite Nanorod Photoanodes for Efficient Solar Water Oxidation: Effects of a ZrO2 Underlayer and FTO …
A Subramanian, A Annamalai, HH Lee, SH Choi, J Ryu, JH Park, JS Jang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (30), 19428-19437, 2016
Immobilization of hydrogen manganese oxide (HMO) on alpha-alumina bead (AAB) to effective recovery of Li+ from seawater
HJ Hong, IS Park, J Ryu, T Ryu, BG Kim, KS Chung
Chemical Engineering Journal 271, 71-78, 2015
Preparation and characterization of a cylinder-type adsorbent for the recovery of lithium from seawater
T Ryu, J Shin, J Ryu, I Park, H Hong, BG Kim, KS Chung
Materials Transactions 54 (6), 1029-1033, 2013
Facile Hydrothermally Synthesized a Novel CdS Nanoflower/Rutile-TiO2 Nanorod Heterojunction Photoanode Used for Photoelectrocatalytic Hydrogen Generation
S David, MA Mahadik, HS Chung, JH Ryu, JS Jang
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 5 (9), 7537-7548, 2017
Highly stable and magnetically separable alginate/Fe3O4 composite for the removal of strontium (Sr) from seawater
HJ Hong, HS Jeong, BG Kim, J Hong, IS Park, T Ryu, KS Chung, H Kim, ...
Chemosphere 165, 231-238, 2016
Boosting Photocatalytic Performance of Inactive Rutile TiO2 Nanorods under Solar Light Irradiation: Synergistic Effect of Acid Treatment and Metal Oxide Co-catalysts
LK Dhandole, MA Mahadik, SG Kim, HS Chung, YS Seo, M Cho, JH Ryu, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (28), 23602-23613, 2017
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