Matthew R Arnison
Matthew R Arnison
Bandicoot Imaging Sciences
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Linear phase imaging using differential interference contrast microscopy
MR Arnison, KG Larkin, CJR Sheppard, NI Smith, CJ Cogswell
Journal of microscopy 214 (1), 7-12, 2004
Using the Hilbert transform for 3D visualization of differential interference contrast microscope images
MR Arnison, CJ Cogswell, NI Smith, PW Fekete, KG Larkin
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Feature extraction of chromosomes from 3-D confocal microscope images
MJ Kyan, L Guan, MR Arnison, CJ Cogswell
IEEE Transactions on biomedical engineering 48 (11), 1306-1318, 2001
A 3D vectorial optical transfer function suitable for arbitrary pupil functions
MR Arnison, CJR Sheppard
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Wavefront coding fluorescence microscopy using high aperture lenses
MR Arnison, CJ Cogswell, CJR Sheppard, P Török
Optical imaging and microscopy, 143-165, 2003
Determining a depth map from images of a scene
D Morgan-Mar, TQ Pham, MR Arnison, KG Larkin
US Patent 9,836,855, 2017
Bokeh amplification
DP Morgan-Mar, KG Larkin, MR Arnison
US Patent 8,989,517, 2015
Geometric parameter measurement of an imaging device
D Morgan-Mar, SJ Hardy, MR Arnison, KG Larkin, CA Deller
US Patent 8,818,130, 2014
Determining a depth map from images of a scene
DP Morgan-Mar, KG Larkin, MR Arnison, PA Fletcher, TQ Pham
US Patent 9,117,277, 2015
Aqueous polyamide resin dispersion and process for producing the same
E Araki, N Sugihara, K Nakao, H Manabe
US Patent 6,777,488, 2004
Adaptive optics in confocal microscopy
JW O'byrne, PW Fekete, MR Arnison, H Zhao, M Serrano, D Philp, ...
Adaptive Optics For Industry And Medicine, 85-90, 2000
Focus finding and alignment using a split linear mask
MR Arnison, TQ Pham
US Patent 8,571,300, 2013
High-resolution, multiple optical-mode confocal microscope: I. System design, image acquisition and 3D visualization
CJ Cogswell, KG Larkin, JW O'Byrne, MR Arnison
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Estimation of shift and small image distortion
PA Fletcher, EW Chong, MR Arnison, Y Kazama, AP Courtney
US Patent 9,552,641, 2017
Measurement of the lens optical transfer function using a tartan pattern
MR Arnison, DP Morgan-Mar, CA Deller, PA Fletcher, KG Larkin
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Three-dimensional Fourier analysis methods for digital processing and 3D visualization of confocal transmission images
CJ Cogswell, KG Larkin, MR Arnison, JW O'Byrne
Three-Dimensional Microscopy: Image Acquisition and Processing II 2412, 230-235, 1995
Phase control and measurement in digital microscopy
MR Arnison
University of Sydney. Physics, 2003
System and method for determining a camera pose
PA Fletcher, DP Morgan-Mar, MR Arnison, TS Mason
US Patent 10,916,033, 2021
Image processing for turbulence compensation
R Pan, MR Arnison, DRJ Monaghan
US Patent 10,547,786, 2020
Effects of shape, roughness and gloss on the perceived reflectance of colored surfaces
V Honson, Q Huynh-Thu, M Arnison, D Monaghan, ZJ Isherwood, J Kim
Frontiers in psychology 11, 2020
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