Hee Jae Hwang
Hee Jae Hwang
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Nanopillar-array architectured PDMS-based triboelectric nanogenerator integrated with a windmill model for effective wind energy harvesting
B Dudem, ND Huynh, W Kim, DH Kim, HJ Hwang, D Choi, JS Yu
Nano Energy 42, 269-281, 2017
Repeatable replication method with liquid infiltration to fabricate robust, flexible, and transparent, anti-reflective superhydrophobic polymer films on a large scale
S Kim, HJ Hwang, H Cho, D Choi, W Hwang
Chemical Engineering Journal 350, 225-232, 2018
Design of mechanical frequency regulator for predictable uniform power from triboelectric nanogenerators
D Bhatia, J Lee, HJ Hwang, JM Baik, S Kim, D Choi
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (15), 1702667, 2018
An ultra‐mechanosensitive visco‐poroelastic polymer ion pump for continuous self‐powering kinematic triboelectric nanogenerators
HJ Hwang, JS Kim, W Kim, H Park, D Bhatia, E Jee, YS Chung, DH Kim, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 9 (17), 1803786, 2019
Cam-based sustainable triboelectric nanogenerators with a resolution-free 3D-printed system
Y Lee, W Kim, D Bhatia, HJ Hwang, S Lee, D Choi
Nano Energy 38, 326-334, 2017
Kinematic design for high performance triboelectric nanogenerators with enhanced working frequency
W Kim, HJ Hwang, D Bhatia, Y Lee, JM Baik, D Choi
Nano energy 21, 19-25, 2016
Universal biomechanical energy harvesting from joint movements using a direction-switchable triboelectric nanogenerator
S Cho, Y Yun, S Jang, Y Ra, JH Choi, HJ Hwang, D Choi, D Choi
Nano Energy 71, 104584, 2020
Exo-shoe triboelectric nanogenerator: Toward high-performance wearable biomechanical energy harvester
Y Yun, S Jang, S Cho, SH Lee, HJ Hwang, D Choi
Nano Energy 80, 105525, 2021
Triboelectric signal generation and its versatile utilization during gear-based ordinary power transmission
Y Ra, S Oh, JH Lee, Y Yun, S Cho, JH Choi, S Jang, HJ Hwang, D Choi, ...
Nano Energy 73, 104745, 2020
Continuous scavenging of broadband vibrations via omnipotent tandem triboelectric nanogenerators with cascade impact structure
D Bhatia, HJ Hwang, ND Huynh, S Lee, C Lee, Y Nam, JG Kim, D Choi
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-9, 2019
Effects of embedded TiO2− x nanoparticles on triboelectric nanogenerator performance
HW Park, ND Huynh, W Kim, HJ Hwang, H Hong, KH Choi, A Song, ...
micromachines 9 (8), 407, 2018
Boosting the energy conversion efficiency of a combined triboelectric nanogenerator-capacitor
JP Lee, JW Lee, BK Yoon, HJ Hwang, S Jung, KA Kim, D Choi, C Yang, ...
Nano energy 56, 571-580, 2019
Mesoporous highly-deformable composite polymer for a gapless triboelectric nanogenerator via a one-step metal oxidation process
HJ Hwang, Y Lee, C Lee, Y Nam, J Park, D Choi, D Kim
micromachines 9 (12), 656, 2018
Comb-structured triboelectric nanogenerators for multi-directional energy scavenging from human movements
HJ Hwang, Y Jung, K Choi, D Kim, J Park, D Choi
Science and technology of advanced materials 20 (1), 725-732, 2019
Double impact triboelectric nanogenerators for harvesting broadband vibrations from vehicles
W Kim, D Bhatia, HJ Hwang, K Choi, D Choi
Functional Composites and Structures 1 (3), 035003, 2019
Double layered dielectric elastomer by vapor encapsulation casting for highly deformable and strongly adhesive triboelectric materials
HB Xu, JH Kim, S Kim, HJ Hwang, D Maurya, D Choi, CY Kang, HC Song
Nano Energy 62, 144-153, 2019
Extremely Foldable and Highly Porous Reduced Graphene Oxide Films for Shape‐Adaptive Triboelectric Nanogenerators
HJ Hwang, JS Yeon, Y Jung, HS Park, D Choi
Small 17 (9), 1903089, 2021
Sustainable highly charged C 60-functionalized polyimide in a non-contact mode triboelectric nanogenerator
JW Lee, S Jung, J Jo, GH Han, DM Lee, J Oh, HJ Hwang, D Choi, SW Kim, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 14 (2), 1004-1015, 2021
All‐Printed Electronic Skin Based on Deformable and Ionic Mechanotransducer Array
JS Kim, H Choi, HJ Hwang, D Choi, DH Kim
Macromolecular Bioscience 20 (11), 2000147, 2020
Wire-based triboelectric resonator for a self-powered crack monitoring system
Y Jung, J Yu, HJ Hwang, D Bhatia, KB Chung, D Choi
Nano Energy 71, 104615, 2020
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