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Raf and MEK protein kinases are direct molecular targets for the chemopreventive effect of quercetin, a major flavonol in red wine
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Polyphenols as small molecular inhibitors of signaling cascades in carcinogenesis
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Caffeic acid, a phenolic phytochemical in coffee, directly inhibits Fyn kinase activity and UVB-induced COX-2 expression
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Myricetin suppresses UVB-induced skin cancer by targeting Fyn
SK Jung, KW Lee, S Byun, NJ Kang, SH Lim, YS Heo, AM Bode, ...
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Myricetin is a novel natural inhibitor of neoplastic cell transformation and MEK1
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Attenuation of oxidative neuronal cell death by coffee phenolic phytochemicals
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Delphinidin suppresses ultraviolet B-induced cyclooxygenases-2 expression through inhibition of MAPKK4 and PI-3 kinase
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Activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase is required for tumor necrosis factor-α-induced upregulation of matrix metalloproteinase-9: Its direct inhibition by quercetin
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Coffee phenolic phytochemicals suppress colon cancer metastasis by targeting MEK and TOPK
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Myricetin suppresses UVB-induced wrinkle formation and MMP-9 expression by inhibiting Raf
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Mitogen-and Stress-Activated Kinase 1–Mediated Histone H3 Phosphorylation Is Crucial for Cell Transformation
HG Kim, KW Lee, YY Cho, NJ Kang, SM Oh, AM Bode, Z Dong
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Cocoa procyanidins suppress transformation by inhibiting mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase
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Phloretin induces apoptosis in H‐Ras MCF10A human breast tumor cells through the activation of p53 via JNK and p38 mitogen‐activated protein kinase signaling
MS Kim, JY Kwon, NJ Kang, KW Lee, HJ Lee
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1171 (1), 479, 2009
Caffeic acid phenethyl ester inhibits invasion and expression of matrix metalloproteinase in SK-Hep1 human hepatocellular carcinoma cells by targeting nuclear factor kappa B
KW Lee, NJ Kang, JH Kim, KM Lee, DE Lee, HJ Hur, HJ Lee
Genes & nutrition 2 (4), 319-322, 2008
Enzymatic production of 3, 6-anhydro-L-galactose from agarose and its purification and in vitro skin whitening and anti-inflammatory activities
EJ Yun, S Lee, JH Kim, BB Kim, HT Kim, SH Lee, JG Pelton, NJ Kang, ...
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 97 (7), 2961-2970, 2013
Equol, a metabolite of the soybean isoflavone daidzein, inhibits neoplastic cell transformation by targeting the MEK/ERK/p90RSK/activator protein-1 pathway
NJ Kang, KW Lee, EA Rogozin, YY Cho, YS Heo, AM Bode, HJ Lee, ...
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Myricetin is a potent chemopreventive phytochemical in skin carcinogenesis
NJ Kang, SK Jung, KW Lee, HJ Lee
Annals of the new York Academy of sciences 1229 (1), 124-132, 2011
7, 3′, 4′-Trihydroxyisoflavone, a metabolite of the soy isoflavone daidzein, suppresses ultraviolet B-induced skin cancer by targeting Cot and MKK4
DE Lee, KW Lee, S Byun, SK Jung, N Song, SH Lim, YS Heo, JE Kim, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (16), 14246-14256, 2011
Cocoa polyphenols suppress TNF-α-induced vascular endothelial growth factor expression by inhibiting phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) and mitogen-activated protein kinase …
JE Kim, JE Son, SK Jung, NJ Kang, CY Lee, KW Lee, HJ Lee
British journal of nutrition 104 (7), 957-964, 2010
MKK4 is a novel target for the inhibition of tumor necrosis factor-α-induced vascular endothelial growth factor expression by myricetin
JE Kim, JY Kwon, DE Lee, NJ Kang, YS Heo, KW Lee, HJ Lee
Biochemical pharmacology 77 (3), 412-421, 2009
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