Ju Hun Yeon
Ju Hun Yeon
University of Brain Education
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A microfluidic platform for 3-dimensional cell culture and cell-based assays
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In vitro formation and characterization of a perfusable three-dimensional tubular capillary network in microfluidic devices
NL Jeon
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Self-propelled particles that transport cargo through flowing blood and halt hemorrhage
JR Baylis, JH Yeon, MH Thomson, A Kazerooni, X Wang, AES John, ...
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Painting blood vessels and atherosclerotic plaques with an adhesive drug depot
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Microfluidic cell culture systems for cellular analysis
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JH Yeon, JK Park
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Method for forming radio frequency antenna
RR Oberle
US Patent 6,933,892, 2005
Anti-melanogenic effects of extracellular vesicles derived from plant leaves and stems in mouse melanoma cells and human healthy skin
R Lee, HJ Ko, K Kim, Y Sohn, SY Min, JA Kim, D Na, JH Yeon
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Localization of short-chain polyphosphate enhances its ability to clot flowing blood plasma
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Systems-wide identification of cis-regulatory elements in proteins
JH Yeon, F Heinkel, M Sung, D Na, J Gsponer
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A biochemical network can control formation of a synthetic material by sensing numerous specific stimuli
JH Yeon, KYT Chan, TC Wong, K Chan, MR Sutherland, RF Ismagilov, ...
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Hepatotoxicity assay using human hepatocytes trapped in microholes of a microfluidic device
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Cytotoxic effects of plant sap-derived extracellular vesicles on various tumor cell types
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