Ki-Joon Jeon
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Air-stable magnesium nanocomposites provide rapid and high-capacity hydrogen storage without using heavy-metal catalysts
KJ Jeon, HR Moon, AM Ruminski, B Jiang, C Kisielowski, R Bardhan, ...
Nature materials 10 (4), 286-290, 2011
Fluorographene: a wide bandgap semiconductor with ultraviolet luminescence
KJ Jeon, Z Lee, E Pollak, L Moreschini, A Bostwick, CM Park, ...
Acs Nano 5 (2), 1042-1046, 2011
The Interaction of Li+ with Single-Layer and Few-Layer Graphene
E Pollak, B Geng, KJ Jeon, IT Lucas, TJ Richardson, F Wang, R Kostecki
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Enhanced nanoscale friction on fluorinated graphene
S Kwon, JH Ko, KJ Jeon, YH Kim, JY Park
Nano letters 12 (12), 6043-6048, 2012
Direct imaging of soft− hard interfaces enabled by graphene
Z Lee, KJ Jeon, A Dato, R Erni, TJ Richardson, M Frenklach, V Radmilovic
Nano letters 9 (9), 3365-3369, 2009
Highly -doped epitaxial graphene obtained by fluorine intercalation
AL Walter, KJ Jeon, A Bostwick, F Speck, M Ostler, T Seyller, L Moreschini, ...
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Effective screening and the plasmaron bands in graphene
AL Walter, A Bostwick, KJ Jeon, F Speck, M Ostler, T Seyller, L Moreschini, ...
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Clean and highly ordered graphene synthesized in the gas phase
A Dato, Z Lee, KJ Jeon, R Erni, V Radmilovic, TJ Richardson, M Frenklach
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Few-layer graphene under high pressure: Raman and X-ray diffraction studies
SM Clark, KJ Jeon, JY Chen, CS Yoo
Solid state communications 154, 15-18, 2013
Porous structured SnSb/C nanocomposites for Li-ion battery anodes
CM Park, KJ Jeon
Chemical Communications 47 (7), 2122-2124, 2011
Silicon diphosphide: A Si-based three-dimensional crystalline framework as a high-performance Li-ion battery anode
HT Kwon, CK Lee, KJ Jeon, CM Park
ACS nano 10 (6), 5701-5709, 2016
A simulation study on the compression behavior of dust cakes
KJ Jeon, YW Jung
Powder technology 141 (1-2), 1-11, 2004
A simulation study on the collection of submicron particles in a unipolar charged fiber
YW Oh, KJ Jeon, AI Jung, YW Jung
Aerosol Science & Technology 36 (5), 573-582, 2002
Size-dependent CO 2 capture in chemically synthesized magnesium oxide nanocrystals
AM Ruminski, KJ Jeon, JJ Urban
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (31), 11486-11491, 2011
Electrodeposition of flower-like nickel oxide on CVD-grown graphene to develop an electrochemical non-enzymatic biosensor
A Rengaraj, Y Haldorai, CH Kwak, S Ahn, KJ Jeon, SH Park, YK Han, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 3 (30), 6301-6309, 2015
Size-dependent interaction of Au nanoparticles and graphene sheet
KJ Jeon, Z Lee
Chemical Communications 47 (12), 3610-3612, 2011
Detection of oxygen ion drift in Pt/Al2O3/TiO2/Pt RRAM using interface-free single-layer graphene electrodes
H Jeon, J Park, W Jang, H Kim, S Ahn, KJ Jeon, H Seo, H Jeon
Carbon 75, 209-216, 2014
Degussa P25 TiO2 modified with H2O2 under microwave treatment to enhance photocatalytic properties
E Han, K Vijayarangamuthu, J Youn, YK Park, SC Jung, KJ Jeon
Catalysis Today 303, 305-312, 2018
Multi-resistive reduced graphene oxide diode with reversible surface electrochemical reaction induced carrier control
H Seo, S Ahn, J Kim, YA Lee, KH Chung, KJ Jeon
Scientific reports 4, 5642, 2014
Co x P compounds: electrochemical conversion/partial recombination reaction and partially disproportionated nanocomposite for Li-ion battery anodes
HT Kwon, JH Kim, KJ Jeon, CM Park
RSC Advances 4 (81), 43227-43234, 2014
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