René Gislum
René Gislum
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Quantification of nitrogen concentration in perennial ryegrass and red fescue using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) and chemometrics
R Gislum, E Micklander, JP Nielsen
Field Crops Research 88 (2-3), 269-277, 2004
Designing and testing a UAV mapping system for agricultural field surveying
MP Christiansen, MS Laursen, RN Jørgensen, S Skovsen, R Gislum
Sensors 17 (12), 2703, 2017
Methane production potential from Miscanthus sp.: Effect of harvesting time, genotypes and plant fractions
R Wahid, SF Nielsen, VM Hernandez, AJ Ward, R Gislum, U Jørgensen, ...
Biosystems Engineering 133, 71-80, 2015
Semantic segmentation of mixed crops using deep convolutional neural network.
AK Mortensen, M Dyrmann, H Karstoft, RN Jørgensen, R Gislum
CIGR-AgEng Conference, 26-29 June 2016, Aarhus, Denmark. Abstracts and Full …, 2016
Quantification of fructan concentration in grasses using NIR spectroscopy and PLSR
N Shetty, R Gislum
Field Crops Research 120 (1), 31-37, 2011
Productivity and carbon footprint of perennial grass–forage legume intercropping strategies with high or low nitrogen fertilizer input
H Hauggaard-Nielsen, P Lachouani, MT Knudsen, P Ambus, B Boelt, ...
Science of the Total Environment 541, 1339-1347, 2016
Viability prediction of Ricinus cummunis L. seeds using multispectral imaging
MH Olesen, P Nikneshan, S Shrestha, A Tadayyon, LC Deleuran, B Boelt, ...
Sensors 15 (2), 4592-4604, 2015
Optimal sample size for predicting viability of cabbage and radish seeds based on near infrared spectra of single seeds
N Shetty, TG Min, R Gislum, MH Olesen, B Boelt
Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy 19 (6), 451-461, 2011
Single seed near-infrared hyperspectral imaging in determining tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) seed quality in association with multivariate data analysis
S Shrestha, M Knapič, U Žibrat, LC Deleuran, R Gislum
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 237, 1027-1034, 2016
Comparing predictive ability of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy to visible near-infrared spectroscopy for soil property determination
M Knadel, R Gislum, C Hermansen, Y Peng, P Moldrup, LW de Jonge, ...
Biosystems engineering 156, 157-172, 2017
Use of multispectral imaging in varietal identification of tomato
S Shrestha, LC Deleuran, MH Olesen, R Gislum
Sensors 15 (2), 4496-4512, 2015
Estimation of the botanical composition of clover-grass leys from RGB images using data simulation and fully convolutional neural networks
S Skovsen, M Dyrmann, AK Mortensen, KA Steen, O Green, J Eriksen, ...
Sensors 17 (12), 2930, 2017
Development of NIR calibration models to assess year-to-year variation in total non-structural carbohydrates in grasses using PLSR
N Shetty, R Gislum, AMD Jensen, B Boelt
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 111 (1), 34-38, 2012
Validity of accessible critical nitrogen dilution curves in perennial ryegrass for seed production
R Gislum, B Boelt
Field crops research 111 (1-2), 152-156, 2009
Prediction of biogas yield and its kinetics in reed canary grass using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy and chemometrics
TP Kandel, R Gislum, U Jørgensen, PE Lærke
Bioresource technology 146, 282-287, 2013
Classification of Viable and Non-Viable Spinach (Spinacia Oleracea L.) Seeds by Single Seed near Infrared Spectroscopy and Extended Canonical Variates Analysis
MH Olesen, N Shetty, R Gislum, B Boelt
Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy 19 (3), 171-180, 2011
Quantification of SOC and clay content using visible near-infrared reflectance–mid-infrared reflectance spectroscopy with Jack-Knifing partial least squares regression
Y Peng, M Knadel, R Gislum, K Schelde, A Thomsen, MH Greve
Soil science 179 (7), 325-332, 2014
Predicting soil organic carbon at field scale using a national soil spectral library
Y Peng, M Knadel, R Gislum, F Deng, T Norgaard, LW de Jonge, ...
Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy 21 (3), 213-222, 2013
Classification of different tomato seed cultivars by multispectral visible-near infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics
S Shrestha, LC Deleuran, R Gislum
Journal of Spectral Imaging 5, 2016
Path and correlation analysis of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) seed yield components
S Abel, R Gislum, B Boelt
Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science 203 (4), 338-344, 2017
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