Theoni Alexoudi
Theoni Alexoudi
Post Doctoral Researcher Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
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Optics in computing: From photonic network-on-chip to chip-to-chip interconnects and disintegrated architectures
T Alexoudi, N Terzenidis, S Pitris, M Moralis-Pegios, P Maniotis, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 37 (2), 363-379, 2019
Dual SOA-MZI Wavelength Converters Based on III-V Hybrid Integration on a -Scale Si Platform
D Fitsios, T Alexoudi, GT Kanellos, K Vyrsokinos, N Pleros, T Tekin, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 26 (6), 560-563, 2014
Optical RAM and integrated optical memories: a survey
T Alexoudi, GT Kanellos, N Pleros
Light: Science & Applications 9 (1), 1-16, 2020
High-port and low-latency optical switches for disaggregated data centers: The Hipoλaos switch architecture
N Terzenidis, M Moralis-Pegios, G Mourgias-Alexandris, T Alexoudi, ...
Journal of Optical Communications and Networking 10 (7), B102-B116, 2018
Bringing WDM into optical static RAM architectures
GT Kanellos, D Fitsios, T Alexoudi, C Vagionas, A Miliou, N Pleros
Journal of lightwave technology 31 (6), 988-995, 2012
III–V-on-Si photonic crystal nanocavity laser technology for optical static random access memories
T Alexoudi, D Fitsios, A Bazin, P Monnier, R Raj, A Miliou, GT Kanellos, ...
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 22 (6), 295-304, 2016
Optical cache memory peripheral circuitry: Row and column address selectors for optical static RAM banks
T Alexoudi, S Papaioannou, GT Kanellos, A Miliou, N Pleros
Journal of lightwave technology 31 (24), 4098-4110, 2013
Silicon photonic 8× 8 cyclic Arrayed Waveguide Grating Router for O-band on-chip communication
S Pitris, G Dabos, C Mitsolidou, T Alexoudi, P De Heyn, ...
Optics express 26 (5), 6276-6284, 2018
All-optical T-flip-flop using a single SOA-MZI-based latching element
P Bakopoulos, K Vyrsokinos, D Fitsios, T Alexoudi, D Apostolopoulos, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 24 (9), 748-750, 2012
10 Gb/s optical random access memory (RAM) cell
A Tsakyridis, T Alexoudi, A Miliou, N Pleros, C Vagionas
Optics letters 44 (7), 1821-1824, 2019
A 40 Gb/s chip-to-chip interconnect for 8-socket direct connectivity using integrated photonics
S Pitris, M Moralis-Pegios, T Alexoudi, J Lambrecht, X Yin, J Bauwelinck, ...
IEEE Photonics Journal 10 (5), 1-8, 2018
Ultra-compact III‒V-on-Si photonic crystal memory for flip-flop operation at 5 Gb/s
D Fitsios, T Alexoudi, A Bazin, P Monnier, R Raj, A Miliou, GT Kanellos, ...
Optics express 24 (4), 4270-4277, 2016
Column address selection in optical RAMs with positive and negative logic row access
C Vagionas, S Markou, G Dabos, T Alexoudi, D Tsiokos, A Miliou, ...
IEEE Photonics Journal 5 (6), 7800410-7800410, 2013
4-channel 200 Gb/s WDM O-band silicon photonic transceiver sub-assembly
M Moralis-Pegios, S Pitris, T Alexoudi, N Terzenidis, H Ramon, ...
Optics express 28 (4), 5706-5714, 2020
Optical thresholding device with a sigmoidal transfer function
G Mourgias-Alexandris, A Tsakyridis, T Alexoudi, K Vyrsokinos, N Pleros
2018 Photonics in Switching and Computing (PSC), 1-3, 2018
O-band energy-efficient broadcast-friendly interconnection scheme with SiPho Mach-Zehnder modulator (MZM) & arrayed waveguide grating router (AWGR)
S Pitris, C Mitsolidou, T Alexoudi, D Pérez-Galacho, L Vivien, C Baudot, ...
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, Th1G. 5, 2018
Thick-SOI Echelle grating for any-to-any wavelength routing interconnection in multi-socket computing environments
G Dabos, S Pitris, C Mitsolidou, T Alexoudi, D Fitsios, M Cherchi, ...
Optical Interconnects XVII 10109, 1010914, 2017
On interconnecting and orchestrating components in disaggregated data centers: The dReDBox project vision
K Katrinis, G Zervas, D Pnevmatikatos, D Syrivelis, T Alexoudi, ...
2016 European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC), 235-239, 2016
All-optical 3-bit counter using two cascaded stages of SOA-MZI-based T-flip-flops
D Fitsios, T Alexoudi, K Vyrsokinos, P Bakopoulos, D Apostolopoulos, ...
IEEE Photonic Society 24th Annual Meeting, 607-608, 2011
Multi-wavelength access gate for WDM-formatted words in optical RAM row architectures
D Fitsios, T Alexoudi, C Vagionas, A Miliou, GT Kanellos, N Pleros
Optical Components and Materials X 8621, 86210D, 2013
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