Hyunggee Kim
Hyunggee Kim
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Clinical and biological implications of CD133-positive and CD133-negative cells in glioblastomas
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Human zinc fingers as building blocks in the construction of artificial transcription factors
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ID4 imparts chemoresistance and cancer stemness to glioma cells by derepressing miR-9*–mediated suppression of SOX2
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The polymerase acidic protein gene of influenza a virus contributes to pathogenicity in a mouse model
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Bcl2L12 inhibits post-mitochondrial apoptosis signaling in glioblastoma
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MET signaling regulates glioblastoma stem cells
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Inhibitor of differentiation 4 drives brain tumor-initiating cell genesis through cyclin E and notch signaling
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Frizzled 4 regulates stemness and invasiveness of migrating glioma cells established by serial intracranial transplantation
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Cancer stem cell heterogeneity: origin and new perspectives on CSC targeting
K Eun, SW Ham, H Kim
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Cancer stem cell traits in squamospheres derived from primary head and neck squamous cell carcinomas
YC Lim, SY Oh, YY Cha, SH Kim, X Jin, H Kim
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EGFR-AKT-Smad signaling promotes formation of glioma stem-like cells and tumor angiogenesis by ID3-driven cytokine induction
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Green tea polyphenol epigallocatechin-3-gallate suppresses collagen production and proliferation in keloid fibroblasts via inhibition of the STAT3-signaling pathway
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Cell surface Nestin is a biomarker for glioma stem cells
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Activation of notch signaling in a xenograft model of brain metastasis
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Expression profiles of p53-, p16INK4a-, and telomere-regulating genes in replicative senescent primary human, mouse, and chicken fibroblast cells
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Crosstalk between glioma-initiating cells and endothelial cells drives tumor progression
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Isolation and characterization of multipotent human keloid-derived mesenchymal-like stem cells
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Genetic characterization of avian metapneumovirus subtype C isolated from pheasants in a live bird market
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Telomerase activity-independent function of TERT allows glioma cells to attain cancer stem cell characteristics by inducing EGFR expression
S Beck, X Jin, YW Sohn, JK Kim, SH Kim, J Yin, X Pian, SC Kim, DH Nam, ...
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Interferon regulatory factor 7 regulates glioma stem cells via interleukin-6 and Notch signalling
X Jin, SH Kim, HM Jeon, S Beck, YW Sohn, J Yin, JK Kim, YC Lim, JH Lee, ...
Brain 135 (4), 1055-1069, 2012
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