Xin Jin
Xin Jin
Professor, Center for Motor Control and Disease, East China Normal University의 이메일 확인됨
Concurrent activation of striatal direct and indirect pathways during action initiation
G Cui, SB Jun, X Jin, MD Pham, SS Vogel, DM Lovinger, RM Costa
Nature 494 (7436), 238-242, 2013
Start/stop signals emerge in nigrostriatal circuits during sequence learning
X Jin, RM Costa
Nature 466 (7305), 457-462, 2010
An in vivo model of functional and vascularized human brain organoids
AAF Mansour, JT Gonçalves, CW Bloyd, H Li, S Fernandes, D Quang, ...
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Basal ganglia subcircuits distinctively encode the parsing and concatenation of action sequences
X Jin, F Tecuapetla, RM Costa
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Corticostriatal plasticity is necessary for learning intentional neuroprosthetic skills
AC Koralek, X Jin, JD Long II, RM Costa, JM Carmena
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Complementary contributions of striatal projection pathways to action initiation and execution
F Tecuapetla, X Jin, SQ Lima, RM Costa
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An aetiological Foxp2 mutation causes aberrant striatal activity and alters plasticity during skill learning
CA French, X Jin, TG Campbell, E Gerfen, M Groszer, SE Fisher, ...
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Shaping action sequences in basal ganglia circuits
X Jin, RM Costa
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Loss of motoneuron-specific microRNA-218 causes systemic neuromuscular failure
ND Amin, G Bai, JR Klug, D Bonanomi, MT Pankratz, WD Gifford, ...
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Protection of tissue physicochemical properties using polyfunctional crosslinkers
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Genetic-based dissection unveils the inputs and outputs of striatal patch and matrix compartments
JB Smith, JR Klug, DL Ross, CD Howard, NG Hollon, VI Ko, H Hoffman, ...
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Deep brain optical measurements of cell type–specific neural activity in behaving mice
G Cui, SB Jun, X Jin, G Luo, MD Pham, DM Lovinger, SS Vogel, ...
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Dynamic nigrostriatal dopamine biases action selection
CD Howard, H Li, CE Geddes, X Jin
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Efficient generation of CA3 neurons from human pluripotent stem cells enables modeling of hippocampal connectivity in vitro
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Optogenetic editing reveals the hierarchical organization of learned action sequences
CE Geddes, H Li, X Jin
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Dissociable effects of dopamine on neuronal firing rate and synchrony in the dorsal striatum
JM Burkhardt, X Jin, RM Costa
Frontiers in integrative neuroscience 3, 28, 2009
Different dorsal striatum circuits mediate action discrimination and action generalization
M Hilario, T Holloway, X Jin, RM Costa
European Journal of Neuroscience 35 (7), 1105-1114, 2012
Differential inputs to striatal cholinergic and parvalbumin interneurons imply functional distinctions
JR Klug, MD Engelhardt, CN Cadman, H Li, JB Smith, S Ayala, ...
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Corticostriatal dynamics encode the refinement of specific behavioral variability during skill learning
FJ Santos, RF Oliveira, X Jin, RM Costa
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Investigating neural correlates of behavior in freely behaving rodents using inertial sensors
S Venkatraman, X Jin, RM Costa, JM Carmena
Journal of neurophysiology 104 (1), 569-575, 2010
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