Doojin Lee
Doojin Lee
School of Polymer Science and Engineering, Chonnam National University의 이메일 확인됨 - 홈페이지
Multiplex particle focusing via hydrodynamic force in viscoelastic fluids
DJ Lee, H Brenner, JR Youn, YS Song
Scientific reports 3, 3258, 2013
Water droplet bouncing and superhydrophobicity induced by multiscale hierarchical nanostructures
DJ Lee, HM Kim, YS Song, JR Youn
ACS nano 6 (9), 7656-7664, 2012
Analysis of effective elastic modulus for multiphased hybrid composites
DJ Lee, H Oh, YS Song, JR Youn
Composites science and technology 72 (2), 278-283, 2012
Multiple-line particle focusing under viscoelastic flow in a microfluidic device
SH Yang, DJ Lee, JR Youn, YS Song
Analytical chemistry 89 (6), 3639-3647, 2017
Synergistic improvement of flame retardant properties of expandable graphite and multi-walled carbon nanotube reinforced intumescent polyketone nanocomposites
S Lee, H min Kim, DG Seong, D Lee
Carbon 143, 650-659, 2019
Ferrohydrodynamic energy harvesting based on air droplet movement
HR Yun, DJ Lee, JR Youn, YS Song
Nano Energy 11, 171-178, 2015
Warpage analysis of a micro-molded parts prepared with liquid crystalline polymer based composites
HJ Oh, DJ Lee, CG Lee, KY Jo, DH Lee, YS Song, JR Youn
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 53, 34-45, 2013
Liquid slip on a nanostructured surface
DJ Lee, KY Cho, S Jang, YS Song, JR Youn
Langmuir 28 (28), 10488-10494, 2012
Two step label free particle separation in a microfluidic system using elasto-inertial focusing and magnetophoresis
MJ Kim, DJ Lee, JR Youn, YS Song
RSC advances 6 (38), 32090-32097, 2016
Micromechanical and dynamic mechanical analyses for characterizing improved interfacial strength of maleic anhydride compatibilized basalt fiber/polypropylene composites
S Pak, S Park, YS Song, D Lee
Composite Structures 193, 73-79, 2018
Temperature controlled tensiometry using droplet microfluidics
D Lee, C Fang, AS Ravan, GG Fuller, AQ Shen
Lab on a Chip 17 (4), 717-726, 2017
Integrated microfluidic platform for instantaneous flow and localized temperature control
C Fang, D Lee, B Stober, GG Fuller, AQ Shen
RSC Advances 5 (104), 85620-85629, 2015
Statistical modeling of effective elastic modulus for multiphased hybrid composites
DJ Lee, SH Hwang, YS Song, JR Youn
Polymer Testing 41, 99-105, 2015
Thermomechanical anisotropy and flowability of talc and glass fiber reinforced multiphase polymer composites
DJ Lee, YS Song
Composite Structures 174, 329-337, 2017
Dual-mode refractive index and charge sensing to investigate complex surface chemistry on nanostructures
N Bhalla, D Lee, S Sathish, AQ Shen
Nanoscale 9 (2), 547-554, 2017
Chain extension effects of para-phenylene diisocyanate on crystallization behavior and biodegradability of poly (lactic acid)/poly (butylene terephthalate) blends
MW Kim, SM Hong, D Lee, K Park, TJ Kang, JR Youn
Advanced Composite Materials 19 (4), 331-348, 2010
Local anisotropy analysis based on the Mori-Tanaka model for multiphase composites with fiber length and orientation distributions
D Lee
Composites Part B: Engineering 148, 227-234, 2018
Three dimensional flow simulation and structural analysis on stiffness of fiber reinforced anisotropic parts
DJ Lee, MW Kim, SY Kim, SH Lee, JR Youn
Korea-Australia Rheology Journal 22 (2), 95-103, 2010
Super-insulating, flame-retardant, and flexible poly (dimethylsiloxane) composites based on silica aerogel
H Lee, D Lee, J Cho, YO Kim, S Lim, SJ Youn, YC Jung, SY Kim, ...
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 123, 108-113, 2019
Shape-tunable wax microparticle synthesis via microfluidics and droplet impact
D Lee, SN Beesabathuni, AQ Shen
Biomicrofluidics 9 (6), 064114, 2015
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