Byungkwon Lim
Byungkwon Lim
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Shape‐controlled synthesis of metal nanocrystals: simple chemistry meets complex physics?
Y Xia, Y Xiong, B Lim, SE Skrabalak
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Pd-Pt bimetallic nanodendrites with high activity for oxygen reduction
B Lim, M Jiang, PHC Camargo, EC Cho, J Tao, X Lu, Y Zhu, Y Xia
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Shape-controlled synthesis of platinum nanocrystals for catalytic and electrocatalytic applications
J Chen, B Lim, EP Lee, Y Xia
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Shape‐controlled synthesis of Pd nanocrystals in aqueous solutions
B Lim, M Jiang, J Tao, PHC Camargo, Y Zhu, Y Xia
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Shape-controlled synthesis of Pd nanocrystals and their catalytic applications
HUI Zhang, M Jin, Y Xiong, B Lim, Y Xia
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Metal nanocrystals with highly branched morphologies
B Lim, Y Xia
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50 (1), 76-85, 2011
Galvanic replacement reactions in metal oxide nanocrystals
MH Oh, T Yu, SH Yu, B Lim, KT Ko, MG Willinger, DH Seo, BH Kim, ...
Science 340 (6135), 964-968, 2013
Formkontrolle bei der Synthese von Metallnanokristallen: einfache Chemie, komplexe Physik?
Y Xia, Y Xiong, B Lim, SE Skrabalak
Angewandte Chemie 121 (1), 62-108, 2009
A water‐based synthesis of octahedral, decahedral, and icosahedral Pd nanocrystals
B Lim, Y Xiong, Y Xia
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B Lim, X Lu, M Jiang, PHC Camargo, EC Cho, EP Lee, Y Xia
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Aqueous‐Phase Synthesis of Pt/CeO2 Hybrid Nanostructures and Their Catalytic Properties
T Yu, J Zeng, B Lim, Y Xia
Advanced Materials 22 (45), 5188-5192, 2010
Facile synthesis of bimetallic nanoplates consisting of Pd cores and Pt shells through seeded epitaxial growth
B Lim, J Wang, PHC Camargo, M Jiang, MJ Kim, Y Xia
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Aqueous‐phase synthesis of single‐crystal ceria nanosheets
T Yu, B Lim, Y Xia
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Nucleation and growth mechanisms for Pd-Pt bimetallic nanodendrites and their electrocatalytic properties
B Lim, M Jiang, T Yu, PHC Camargo, Y Xia
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Polyol synthesis of Cu 2 O nanoparticles: use of chloride to promote the formation of a cubic morphology
MH Kim, B Lim, EP Lee, Y Xia
Journal of Materials Chemistry 18 (34), 4069-4073, 2008
Mechanistic Study of the Synthesis of Au Nanotadpoles, Nanokites, and Microplates by Reducing Aqueous HAuCl4 with Poly(vinyl pyrrolidone)
B Lim, PHC Camargo, Y Xia
Langmuir 24 (18), 10437-10442, 2008
Highly stretchable patterned gold electrodes made of Au nanosheets
GD Moon, GH Lim, JH Song, M Shin, T Yu, B Lim, U Jeong
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Synthesis and optical properties of cubic gold nanoframes
L Au, Y Chen, F Zhou, PHC Camargo, B Lim, ZY Li, DS Ginger, Y Xia
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Quick, Controlled Synthesis of Ultrathin Bi2Se3 Nanodiscs and Nanosheets
Y Min, GD Moon, BS Kim, B Lim, JS Kim, CY Kang, U Jeong
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (6), 2872-2875, 2012
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