Thomas Boving
Thomas Boving
Professor of Hydrogeology, The University of Rhode Island
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Contaminant hydrogeology
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Sorption of PAHs by aspen wood fibers as affected by chemical alterations
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Contaminant hydrogeology
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Investigating changes of electrical characteristics of the saturated zone affected by hazardous organic waste
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Extraction of pollutants from underground water
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Impact of ISCO treatment on PFAA co-contaminants at a former fire training area
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Transport of pathogen surrogates in soil treatment units: Numerical modeling
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The effects of sanction intensity on criminal conduct: A randomized low-intensity probation experiment
CE Gill
Publicly accessible Penn Dissertations, 121, 2010
Cyclodextrin‐enhanced remediation of organic and metal contaminants in porous media and groundwater
TB Boving, JE McCray
Remediation Journal 10 (2), 59-83, 2000
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