Lauren T. Toth
Lauren T. Toth
Research Oceanographer, U.S. Geological Survey
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ENSO drove 2500-year collapse of eastern Pacific coral reefs
LT Toth, RB Aronson, SV Vollmer, JW Hobbs, DH Urrego, H Cheng, ...
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Climate change, coral loss, and the curious case of the parrotfish paradigm: Why don't marine protected areas improve reef resilience?
JF Bruno, IM Côté, LT Toth
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Do no-take reserves benefit Florida’s corals? 14 years of change and stasis in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
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Catastrophe and the life span of coral reefs
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Heat accumulation on coral reefs mitigated by internal waves
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The 4.2 ka event, ENSO, and coral reef development
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Holocene variability in the intensity of wind‐gap upwelling in the tropical eastern Pacific
LT Toth, RB Aronson, H Cheng, RL Edwards
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Improving estimates of coral reef construction and erosion with in situ measurements
IB Kuffner, LT Toth, JH Hudson, WB Goodwin, A Stathakopoulos, ...
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Upwelling buffers climate change impacts on coral reefs of the eastern tropical Pacific
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Millennial-scale variability in the local radiocarbon reservoir age of south Florida during the Holocene
LT Toth, H Cheng, RL Edwards, E Ashe, JN Richey
Quaternary Geochronology 42, 130-143, 2017
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