Alberto Dainotti
Alberto Dainotti
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Issues and future directions in traffic classification
A Dainotti, A Pescape, KC Claffy
IEEE network 26 (1), 35-40, 2012
A tool for the generation of realistic network workload for emerging networking scenarios
A Botta, A Dainotti, A Pescapé
Computer Networks 56 (15), 3531-3547, 2012
Analysis of country-wide internet outages caused by censorship
A Dainotti, C Squarcella, E Aben, KC Claffy, M Chiesa, M Russo, ...
Proceedings of the 2011 ACM SIGCOMM conference on Internet measurement …, 2011
Multi-protocol and multi-platform traffic generation and measurement
A Botta, A Dainotti, A Pescapè
INFOCOM 2007 Demo Session 2010, 2007
Analysis of a “/0” stealth scan from a botnet
A Dainotti, A King, K Claffy, F Papale, A Pescapé
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking 23 (2), 341-354, 2014
Classification of network traffic via packet-level hidden markov models
A Dainotti, W De Donato, A Pescape, PS Rossi
IEEE GLOBECOM 2008-2008 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, 1-5, 2008
Do you trust your software-based traffic generator?
A Botta, A Dainotti, A Pescapé
IEEE Communications Magazine 48 (9), 158-165, 2010
Reviewing traffic classification
S Valenti, D Rossi, A Dainotti, A Pescapè, A Finamore, M Mellia
Data Traffic Monitoring and Analysis, 123-147, 2013
Early classification of network traffic through multi-classification
A Dainotti, A Pescapé, C Sansone
International Workshop on Traffic Monitoring and Analysis, 122-135, 2011
Nis04-1: Wavelet-based detection of dos attacks
A Dainotti, A Pescapé, G Ventre
IEEE globecom 2006, 1-6, 2006
PortLoad: taking the best of two worlds in traffic classification
G Aceto, A Dainotti, W De Donato, A Pescapé
2010 INFOCOM IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops, 1-5, 2010
Internet traffic modeling by means of Hidden Markov Models
A Dainotti, A Pescapé, PS Rossi, F Palmieri, G Ventre
Computer Networks 52 (14), 2645-2662, 2008
Traffic analysis of peer-to-peer IPTV communities
T Silverston, O Fourmaux, A Botta, A Dainotti, A Pescapé, G Ventre, ...
Computer Networks 53 (4), 470-484, 2009
Tie: A community-oriented traffic classification platform
A Dainotti, W De Donato, A Pescapé
International Workshop on Traffic Monitoring and Analysis, 64-74, 2009
Millions of targets under attack: a macroscopic characterization of the DoS ecosystem
M Jonker, A King, J Krupp, C Rossow, A Sperotto, A Dainotti
Proceedings of the 2017 Internet Measurement Conference, 100-113, 2017
BGPStream: a software framework for live and historical BGP data analysis
C Orsini, A King, D Giordano, V Giotsas, A Dainotti
Proceedings of the 2016 Internet Measurement Conference, 429-444, 2016
Traffic identification engine: an open platform for traffic classification
W De Donato, A Pescapé, A Dainotti
IEEE Network 28 (2), 56-64, 2014
Estimating internet address space usage through passive measurements
A Dainotti, K Benson, A King, KC Claffy, M Kallitsis, E Glatz, ...
ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review 44 (1), 42-49, 2013
ARTEMIS: Neutralizing BGP hijacking within a minute
P Sermpezis, V Kotronis, P Gigis, X Dimitropoulos, D Cicalese, A King, ...
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking 26 (6), 2471-2486, 2018
Blink: Fast connectivity recovery entirely in the data plane
T Holterbach, EC Molero, M Apostolaki, A Dainotti, S Vissicchio, ...
16th {USENIX} Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation …, 2019
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