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Milan Babu Poudel
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Novel insight into the adsorption of Cr (VI) and Pb (II) ions by MOF derived Co-Al layered double hydroxide@ hematite nanorods on 3D porous carbon nanofiber network
MB Poudel, GP Awasthi, HJ Kim
Chemical Engineering Journal 417, 129312, 2021
Synthesis of Conducting Bifunctional Polyaniline@Mn-TiO2 Nanocomposites for Supercapacitor Electrode and Visible Light Driven Photocatalysis
MB Poudel, C Yu, HJ Kim
Catalysts 10 (5), 546, 2020
Confinement of Zn-Mg-Al-layered double hydroxide and α-Fe2O3 nanorods on hollow porous carbon nanofibers: A free-standing electrode for solid-state symmetric supercapacitors
MB Poudel, HJ Kim
Chemical Engineering Journal 429, 132345, 2022
Synthesis of high-performance nickel hydroxide nanosheets/gadolinium doped-α-MnO2 composite nanorods as cathode and Fe3O4/GO nanospheres as anode for an all-solid-state …
MB Poudel, HJ Kim
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DP Ojha, MB Poudel, HJ Kim
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Polyaniline-silver-manganese dioxide nanorod ternary composite for asymmetric supercapacitor with remarkable electrochemical performance
MB Poudel, M Shin, HJ Kim
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 46 (1), 474-485, 2021
Silver nanoparticles decorated molybdenum sulfide/tungstate oxide nanorods as high performance supercapacitor electrode
MB Poudel, HP Karki, HJ Kim
Journal of Energy Storage 32, 101693, 2020
Interface engineering of MIL-88 derived MnFe-LDH and MnFe2O3 on three-dimensional carbon nanofibers for the efficient adsorption of Cr (VI), Pb (II), and As (III) ions
MB Poudel, M Shin, HJ Kim
Separation and Purification Technology 287, 120463, 2022
Manganese-doped tungsten disulfide microcones as binder-free electrode for high performance asymmetric supercapacitor
MB Poudel, GP Ojha, HJ Kim
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Facile synthesis of a copper oxide/molybdenum disulfide heterostructure for asymmetric supercapacitors of high specific energy
GP Awasthi, MB Poudel, M Shin, KP Sharma, HJ Kim, C Yu
Journal of Energy Storage 42, 103140, 2021
Integrating the essence of metal organic framework-derived ZnCoTe–N–C/MoS2 cathode and ZnCo-NPS-N-CNT as anode for high-energy density hybrid supercapacitors
MB Poudel, AR Kim, S Ramakrishan, N Logeshwaran, SK Ramasamy, ...
Composites Part B: Engineering 247, 110339, 2022
Chitosan polymer matrix-derived nanocomposite (CuS/NSC) for non-enzymatic electrochemical glucose sensor
KP Sharma, M Shin, GP Awasthi, MB Poudel, HJ Kim, C Yu
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 206, 708-717, 2022
Synthesis of silver nanoparticles decorated tungsten oxide nanorods as high-performance supercapacitor electrode
MB Poudel, PC Lohani, AA Kim
Chemical Physics Letters 804, 139884, 2022
Cold plasma-assisted regeneration of biochar for dye adsorption
DR Kandel, HJ Kim, JM Lim, MB Poudel, M Cho, HW Kim, BT Oh, C Nah, ...
Chemosphere 309, 136638, 2022
Assembling zinc cobalt hydroxide/ternary sulfides heterostructure and iron oxide nanorods on three-dimensional hollow porous carbon nanofiber as high energy density hybrid …
MB Poudel, AA Kim, PC Lohani, DJ Yoo, HJ Kim
Journal of Energy Storage 60, 106713, 2023
Direct growth of MoS2-Ni3S2 core-shell nanowire array on nickel foam as a bifunctional electrode for supercapacitor and electro-oxidation of methanol.
MB Poudel, AA Kim
Chalcogenide Letters 18 (10), 2021
Phytic acid empowered two nanos “Polypyrrole tunnels and transition Metal-(Oxy) hydroxide Sheets” in a single platform for unmitigated redox water splitting
PC Lohani, AP Tiwari, A Muthurasu, I Pathak, MB Poudel, K Chhetri, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 463, 142280, 2023
Advanced performance and ultra-high, long-term durability of acid-base blended membranes over 900 hours containing sulfonated PEEK and quaternized poly (arylene ether sulfone …
AR Kim, MB Poudel, JY Chu, M Vinothkannan, RS Kumar, ...
Composites Part B: Engineering 254, 110558, 2023
Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) derived zinc cobalt telluride integrated nitrogen doped carbon for high performance supercapacitors
MB Poudel, AR Kim, DJ Yoo
한국에너지학회 학술발표회, 115-115, 2022
Synthesis of Low loading Pt Nanoparticle anchored on Transition nano composite N-doping Graphene Nano fiber used as efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
S Vijayapradeep, MB Poudel, KS Chitra, DJ Yoo
한국에너지학회 학술발표회, 104-104, 2022
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