ariel goldstein
ariel goldstein
Postdoctoral fellow Princeton Neuroscience Institute의 이메일 확인됨
Reading and doing arithmetic nonconsciously
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Direct fit to nature: An evolutionary perspective on biological and artificial neural networks
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How are you feeling? Revisiting the quantification of emotional qualia
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Are valence and arousal separable in emotional experience?
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Keep it real: rethinking the primacy of experimental control in cognitive neuroscience
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Spending one’s time: The hedonic principle in ad libitum viewing of pictures.
A Kron, M Pilkiw, A Goldstein, DH Lee, K Gardhouse, AK Anderson
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Face proprioception does not modulate access to visual awareness of emotional faces in a continuous flash suppression paradigm
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Narratives: fMRI data for evaluating models of naturalistic language comprehension
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Commentary: Definitely maybe: can unconscious processes perform the same functions as conscious processes?
A Goldstein, RR Hassin
Frontiers in psychology 8, 1230, 2017
Thinking ahead: prediction in context as a keystone of language in humans and machines
A Goldstein, Z Zada, E Buchnik, M Schain, A Price, B Aubrey, SA Nastase, ...
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Enhanced discriminability for nonbiological motion violating the two-thirds power law
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Robust-fit to nature: an evolutionary perspective on biological (and artificial) neural networks
U Hasson, SA Nastase, A Goldstein
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Predictions from masked motion with and without obstacles
A Goldstein, I Rivlin, A Goldstein, Y Pertzov, RR Hassin
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Regression to the mean does not explain away non-conscious processing: critical review of Shanks 2017
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Did you see it? Robust individual differences in the speed with which meaningful visual stimuli break suppression
AY Sklar, AY Goldstein, Y Abir, A Goldstein, R Dotsch, A Todorov, ...
Cognition 211, 104638, 2021
Flash Electroretinography Parameters and Parkinson’s Disease
R Netser, DL Demmin, R Dobkin, A Goldstein, M Roché, A Netser Zernik, ...
Journal of Parkinson's Disease, 1-9, 2021
Did you see it? Robust individual variance in the prioritization of contents to conscious awareness
A Sklar, A Goldstein, Y Abir, R Dotsch, A Todorov, R Hassin
PsyArXiv, 2020
Generating Predictions Non-consciously: Evidence from Invisible Motion with and without Obstacles.
A Goldstein, I Rivlin, R Hassin
CogSci, 2016
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