Hong-Joon Yoon
Hong-Joon Yoon
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Transcutaneous ultrasound energy harvesting using capacitive triboelectric technology
R Hinchet*, HJ Yoon*, H Ryu, MK Kim, EK Choi, DS Kim, SW Kim
Science 365 (6452), 491-494, 2019
Micropatterned P (VDF‐TrFE) film‐based piezoelectric nanogenerators for highly sensitive self‐powered pressure sensors
JH Lee*, HJ Yoon*, TY Kim, MK Gupta, JH Lee, W Seung, H Ryu, SW Kim
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (21), 3203-3209, 2015
Boosting power‐generating performance of triboelectric nanogenerators via artificial control of ferroelectric polarization and dielectric properties
W Seung*, HJ Yoon*, TY Kim, H Ryu, J Kim, JH Lee, JH Lee, S Kim, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (2), 1600988, 2017
Fully packaged self‐powered triboelectric pressure sensor using hemispheres‐array
KY Lee, HJ Yoon, T Jiang, X Wen, W Seung, SW Kim, ZL Wang
Advanced energy materials 6 (11), 1502566, 2016
Textile‐based triboelectric nanogenerators for self‐powered wearable electronics
SS Kwak, HJ Yoon, SW Kim
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (2), 1804533, 2019
Hybrid energy harvesters: toward sustainable energy harvesting
H Ryu, HJ Yoon, SW Kim
Advanced Materials 31 (34), 1802898, 2019
Reliable Piezoelectricity in Bilayer WSe2 for Piezoelectric Nanogenerators
JH Lee, JY Park, EB Cho, TY Kim, SA Han, TH Kim, Y Liu, SK Kim, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (29), 1606667, 2017
High‐performance triboelectric nanogenerators based on solid polymer electrolytes with asymmetric pairing of ions
H Ryu, JH Lee, TY Kim, U Khan, JH Lee, SS Kwak, HJ Yoon, SW Kim
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (17), 1700289, 2017
Control of skin potential by triboelectrification with ferroelectric polymers
JH Lee, R Hinchet, TY Kim, H Ryu, W Seung, HJ Yoon, SW Kim
Advanced materials 27 (37), 5553-5558, 2015
Sustainable powering triboelectric nanogenerators: Approaches and the path towards efficient use
HJ Yoon, H Ryu, SW Kim
Nano Energy 51, 270-285, 2018
Butylated melamine formaldehyde as a durable and highly positive friction layer for stable, high output triboelectric nanogenerators
SS Kwak, SM Kim, H Ryu, J Kim, U Khan, HJ Yoon, YH Jeong, SW Kim
Energy & Environmental Science 12 (10), 3156-3163, 2019
Thermally induced strain‐coupled highly stretchable and sensitive pyroelectric nanogenerators
JH Lee, H Ryu, TY Kim, SS Kwak, HJ Yoon, TH Kim, W Seung, SW Kim
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (18), 1500704, 2015
High Permittivity CaCu3Ti4O12 Particle‐Induced Internal Polarization Amplification for High Performance Triboelectric Nanogenerators
J Kim, H Ryu, JH Lee, U Khan, SS Kwak, HJ Yoon, SW Kim
Advanced Energy Materials 10 (9), 1903524, 2020
Stretchable, dynamic covalent polymers for soft, long-lived bioresorbable electronic stimulators designed to facilitate neuromuscular regeneration
YS Choi, YY Hsueh, J Koo, Q Yang, R Avila, B Hu, Z Xie, G Lee, Z Ning, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-14, 2020
Self-powered transparent flexible graphene microheaters
U Khan, TH Kim, KH Lee, JH Lee, HJ Yoon, R Bhatia, I Sameera, ...
Nano Energy 17, 356-365, 2015
3D-printed biomimetic-villus structure with maximized surface area for triboelectric nanogenerator and dust filter
HJ Yoon*, DH Kim*, W Seung*, U Khan, TY Kim, T Kim, SW Kim
Nano Energy 63, 103857, 2019
Nanogenerators to power implantable medical systems
HJ Yoon, SW Kim
Joule 4 (7), 1398-1407, 2020
Advances in Physicochemically Stimuli-Responsive Materials for On-Demand Transient Electronic Systems
G Lee*, YS Choi*, HJ Yoon*, JA Rogers
Matter 3 (4), 1031-1052, 2020
Ultrahigh Power Output from Triboelectric Nanogenerator Based on Serrated Electrode via Spark Discharge
J Kim, H Cho, M Han, Y Jung, SS Kwak, HJ Yoon, B Park, H Kim, H Kim, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 10 (44), 2002312, 2020
Triboelectric energy harvester
SW Kim, SS Kwak, SH Kim, SS Kim, TY Kim, TH Kim, WC Seung, HJ Ryu, ...
US Patent App. 15/089,869, 2016
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