Bernardo Rondelli
Bernardo Rondelli
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Canals versus horses: political power in the oasis of Samarkand
S Stride, B Rondelli, S Mantellini
World Archaeology 41 (1), 73-87, 2009
Anthropic activity markers and spatial variability: an ethnoarchaeological experiment in a domestic unit of Northern Gujarat (India)
B Rondelli, C Lancelotti, M Madella, A Pecci, A Balbo, JR Pérez, F Inserra, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 41, 482-492, 2014
Cultural diffusion was the main driving mechanism of the Neolithic transition in southern Africa
A Jerardino, J Fort, N Isern, B Rondelli
PloS one 9 (12), e113672, 2014
Agent-based simulation of Holocene monsoon precipitation patterns and hunter-gatherer population dynamics in semi-arid environments
AL Balbo, X Rubio-Campillo, B Rondelli, M Ramírez, C Lancelotti, ...
Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 21 (2), 426-446, 2014
Introduction to simulating the past
M Madella, B Rondelli, C Lancelotti, A Balbo, D Zurro, XR Campillo, ...
Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 21 (2), 251-257, 2014
Social and environmental transitions in arid zones: the North Gujarat Archaeological Project—NoGAP
M Madella, P Ajithprasad, C Lancelotti, B Rondelli, A Balbo, C French, ...
Antiquity Publications, 2010
Soviet military maps and archaeological survey in the Samarkand region
B Rondelli, S Stride, JJ García-Granero
Journal of Cultural Heritage 14 (3), 270-276, 2013
Contributions of geoarchaeology and remote sensing to the study of Holocene hunter–gatherer and agro-pastoral groups in arid margins: The case of North Gujarat (Northwest India)
AL Balbo, B Rondelli, FC Conesa, C Lancelotti, M Madella, P Ajithprasad
Quaternary International 308, 53-65, 2013
Computer applications for a reconstruction of archaeological stratigraphy as a predictive model in urban and territorial contexts
M Cattani, A Fiorini, B Rondelli
Bar International Series 1227, 299-303, 2004
Analytical approach for representing the water landscape evolution in Samarkand Oasis (Uzbekistan)
S Mantellini, B Rondelli, S Stride
On the Road to Reconstructing the Past. Proceedings of the 36th Annual …, 2008
Land use patterns in Central Asia. Step 1: the musical chairs model
A Angourakis, B Rondelli, S Stride, X Rubio-Campillo, AL Balbo, ...
Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 21 (2), 405-425, 2014
GIS and Silk Road studies: monitoring landscape and population changes at Samarkand and in the Middle Zeravshan Valley
B Rondelli, M Tosi
Reading Historical Spatial Information From Around The World. Studies of …, 2005
Methods and Perspectives for Ancient Settlement Studies in the Middle Zeravshan Valley
B Rondelli, S Mantellini
The Silk Road Newsletter 2 (2), 35-39, 2004
The EPNet Project. Production and distribution of food during the Roman Empire: economics and political dynamics
J Remesal, A Díaz-Guilera, B Rondelli, X Rubio, A Aguilera, ...
Information Technologies for Epigraphy and Cultural Heritage. Proceedings of …, 2014
Samarkand and its territory: From archaeological map to cultural landscape management
A Berdimuradov, F Franceschini, D Giorgetti, S Mantellini, B Rondelli, ...
Bulletin of the International Institute for Central Asian Studies 6, 22-33, 2007
Continuation of a tradition over five thousand years: lithic assemblage from Loteshwar, North Gujarat, western India
C Gadekar, P Ajithprasad, M Madella, A Balbo, SV Rajesh, B Rondelli, ...
Heritage: Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies in Archaeology 2, 283-304, 2014
Simulating the past: exploring change through computer simulation in archaeology
M Madella, B Rondelli
A special issue of the Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 21 (2), 2014
The OBDA-Based" Observatory of Research and Innovation" of the Tuscany Region.
A Mosca, B Rondelli, G Rull
JOWO, 2017
SimulPast: un laboratorio virtual para el análisis de las dinámicas históricas
J Caro Saiz, D Zurro, B Rondelli, A Balbo, X Rubio Campillo, JA Barceló, ...
Archeologia e calcolatori 24, 265-281, 2013
La campaña de excavación 2010 del proyecto NoGAP: metodología interdisciplinar para el estudio de contextos socio-ecológicos en el Holoceno
M Madella, A Balbo, C Lancelotti, B Rondelli, F Cecilia Conesa, ...
Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte (España), 2012
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