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Nanopatterned textile-based wearable triboelectric nanogenerator
W Seung, MK Gupta, KY Lee, KS Shin, JH Lee, TY Kim, S Kim, J Lin, ...
ACS nano 9 (4), 3501-3509, 2015
Micropatterned P (VDF‐TrFE) film‐based piezoelectric nanogenerators for highly sensitive self‐powered pressure sensors
JH Lee, HJ Yoon, TY Kim, MK Gupta, JH Lee, W Seung, H Ryu, SW Kim
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (21), 3203-3209, 2015
Active matrix electronic skin strain sensor based on piezopotential‐powered graphene transistors
Q Sun, W Seung, BJ Kim, S Seo, SW Kim, JH Cho
Advanced Materials 27 (22), 3411-3417, 2015
Graphene tribotronics for electronic skin and touch screen applications
U Khan, TH Kim, H Ryu, W Seung, SW Kim
Advanced materials 29 (1), 1603544, 2017
Directional dependent piezoelectric effect in CVD grown monolayer MoS2 for flexible piezoelectric nanogenerators
SK Kim, R Bhatia, TH Kim, D Seol, JH Kim, H Kim, W Seung, Y Kim, ...
Nano Energy 22, 483-489, 2016
Boosting power‐generating performance of triboelectric nanogenerators via artificial control of ferroelectric polarization and dielectric properties
W Seung, HJ Yoon, TY Kim, H Ryu, J Kim, JH Lee, JH Lee, S Kim, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (2), 1600988, 2017
Fully packaged self‐powered triboelectric pressure sensor using hemispheres‐array
KY Lee, HJ Yoon, T Jiang, X Wen, W Seung, SW Kim, ZL Wang
Advanced energy materials 6 (11), 1502566, 2016
A high performance PZT ribbon-based nanogenerator using graphene transparent electrodes
J Kwon, W Seung, BK Sharma, SW Kim, JH Ahn
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (10), 8970-8975, 2012
Silk nanofiber‐networked bio‐triboelectric generator: silk bio‐TEG
HJ Kim, JH Kim, KW Jun, JH Kim, WC Seung, OH Kwon, JY Park, SW Kim, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (8), 1502329, 2016
Recent progress on flexible triboelectric nanogenerators for selfpowered electronics
R Hinchet, W Seung, SW Kim
ChemSusChem 8 (14), 2327-2344, 2015
Fully stretchable textile triboelectric nanogenerator with knitted fabric structures
SS Kwak, H Kim, W Seung, J Kim, R Hinchet, SW Kim
ACS nano 11 (11), 10733-10741, 2017
Reliable Piezoelectricity in Bilayer WSe2 for Piezoelectric Nanogenerators
JH Lee, JY Park, EB Cho, TY Kim, SA Han, TH Kim, Y Liu, SK Kim, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (29), 1606667, 2017
Control of skin potential by triboelectrification with ferroelectric polymers
JH Lee, R Hinchet, TY Kim, H Ryu, W Seung, HJ Yoon, SW Kim
Advanced materials 27 (37), 5553-5558, 2015
Freestanding ZnO nanorod/graphene/ZnO nanorod epitaxial double heterostructure for improved piezoelectric nanogenerators
DM Shin, EL Tsege, SH Kang, W Seung, SW Kim, HK Kim, SW Hong, ...
Nano Energy 12, 268-277, 2015
Thermally induced strain‐coupled highly stretchable and sensitive pyroelectric nanogenerators
JH Lee, H Ryu, TY Kim, SS Kwak, HJ Yoon, TH Kim, W Seung, SW Kim
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (18), 1500704, 2015
Self-powered motion-driven triboelectric electroluminescence textile system
HJ Park, SM Kim, JH Lee, HT Kim, W Seung, Y Son, TY Kim, U Khan, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (5), 5200-5207, 2019
Metallic grid electrode fabricated via flow coating for high-performance flexible piezoelectric nanogenerators
JH Park, DY Lee, W Seung, Q Sun, SW Kim, JH Cho
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (14), 7802-7808, 2015
Self-powered transparent flexible graphene microheaters
U Khan, TH Kim, KH Lee, JH Lee, HJ Yoon, R Bhatia, I Sameera, ...
Nano Energy 17, 356-365, 2015
Hexagonal boron nitride assisted growth of stoichiometric Al2O3 dielectric on graphene for triboelectric nanogenerators
SA Han, KH Lee, TH Kim, W Seung, SK Lee, S Choi, B Kumar, R Bhatia, ...
Nano Energy 12, 556-566, 2015
3D-printed biomimetic-villus structure with maximized surface area for triboelectric nanogenerator and dust filter
HJ Yoon, DH Kim, W Seung, U Khan, TY Kim, T Kim, SW Kim
Nano Energy 63, 103857, 2019
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