Peter Kimball
Peter Kimball
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Thick and deformed Antarctic sea ice mapped with autonomous underwater vehicles
G Williams, T Maksym, J Wilkinson, C Kunz, C Murphy, P Kimball, H Singh
Nature Geoscience 8 (1), 61-67, 2015
The WHOI Jetyak: An autonomous surface vehicle for oceanographic research in shallow or dangerous waters
P Kimball, J Bailey, S Das, R Geyer, T Harrison, C Kunz, K Manganini, ...
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P Kimball, S Rock
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The ARTEMIS under‐ice AUV docking system
PW Kimball, EB Clark, M Scully, K Richmond, C Flesher, LE Lindzey, ...
Journal of Field Robotics 35 (2), 299-308, 2018
Mapping of Translating, Rotating Icebergs With an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
PW Kimball, SM Rock
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Sonar-based iceberg-relative AUV navigation
P Kimball, S Rock
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Beyond point measurements: Sea ice floes characterized in 3‐D
GD Williams, T Maksym, C Kunz, P Kimball, H Singh, J Wilkinson, ...
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Dopamine-sensitive signaling mediators modulate psychostimulant-induced ultrasonic vocalization behavior in rats
SN Williams, AS Undieh
Behavioural brain research 296, 1-6, 2016
Drones in a cold climate
GD Williams, AD Fraser, A Lucieer, D Turner, E Cougnon, P Kimball, ...
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P Kimball, S Rock
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Iceberg-relative navigation for autonomous underwater vehicles
P Kimball
Stanford University, 2011
Beyond point measurements: 3-D characterization of sea ice floes
GD Williams, T Maksym, J Wilkinson, C Kunz, E Trujillo, A Steer, P Kimball, ...
EOS 94 (7), 69-70, 2013
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WC Stone, E Clark, K Richmond, J Paulus, J Kapit, M Scully, P Kimball
US Patent 9,873,495, 2018
Advances in Platforms and Algorithms for High Resolution Mapping in the Marine Environment
RT Sayre-McCord, C Murphy, J Kaeli, C Kunz, P Kimball, H Singh
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Identification of Paintings in Camera-Phone Images
GM Hoffmann, PW Kimball, SP Russell
EE368 Project Report, Spring, 2007
Method of retrieval for autonomous underwater vehicles
WC Stone, E Clark, K Richmond, J Paulus, J Kapit, M Scully, P Kimball
US Patent 10,569,849, 2020
Insights Into Ice-Ocean Interactions on Earth and Europa
J Lawrence, BE Schmidt, L Winslow, PT Doran, S Kim, CC Walker, J Buffo, ...
AGUFM, P31A-2077, 2016
Design of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle to Calibrate the Europa Clipper Ice-Penetrating Radar
W Stone, V Siegel, P Kimball, K Richmond, C Flesher, B Hogan, ...
AGUFM 2013, P53A-1844, 2013
The Stanford Young Astronauts program: A model for sustainable outreach
S Houts, E Jens, K Shish, N Lee, S Russell, P Kimball
International Astronautical Congress, 2012
Valves—Some New Ideas on an Old Subject
P Kimball
Opflow 10 (6), 1-7, 1984
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