Sangsoo Lee
Sangsoo Lee
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Wavelength division multiplexing-passive optical network system
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Energy-efficient PON with sleep-mode ONU: progress, challenges, and solutions
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Transmission of directly modulated 2.5-Gb/s signals over 250-km of nondispersion-shifted fiber by using a spectral filtering method
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Software-defined optical networks (SDONs): a survey
P Bhaumik, S Zhang, P Chowdhury, SS Lee, JH Lee, B Mukherjee
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First commercial deployment of a colorless gigabit WDM/TDM hybrid PON system using remote protocol terminator
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Energy-efficient long-reach passive optical network: A network planning approach based on user behaviors
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Method for compensating polarization mode dispersion occurring in optical transmission fiber and apparatus therefor
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Virtualized cloud radio access network for 5G transport
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Experimental demonstrations of next generation cost-effective mobile fronthaul with IFoF technique
SH Cho, HS Chung, C Han, S Lee, JH Lee
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Demonstration of RSOA‐Based 20 Gb/s Linear Bus WDM‐PON with Simple Optical Add‐Drop Node Structure
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Handover reduction in virtualized cloud radio access networks using TWDM-PON fronthaul
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SY Kim, SH Lee, SS Lee, JS Lee
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1-Tb/s (100/spl times/12.4 gb/s) transmission of 12.5-GHz-spaced ultradense WDM channels over a standard single-mode fiber of 1200 km
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IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 22 (20), 1542-1544, 2010
Optical transmission apparatus with stable optical signal output
SH Chang, HS Chung, S Lee, KJ Kim
US Patent App. 12/581,797, 2010
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