Jahir M. Gutierrez
Jahir M. Gutierrez
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Recon 2.2: from reconstruction to model of human metabolism
N Swainston, K Smallbone, H Hefzi, PD Dobson, J Brewer, M Hanscho, ...
Metabolomics 12 (7), 1-7, 2016
A consensus genome-scale reconstruction of Chinese hamster ovary cell metabolism
H Hefzi, KS Ang, M Hanscho, A Bordbar, D Ruckerbauer, M Lakshmanan, ...
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Evolutionary and structural analyses of SARS-CoV-2 D614G spike protein mutation now documented worldwide
S Isabel, L Graña-Miraglia, JM Gutierrez, C Bundalovic-Torma, HE Groves, ...
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The emerging role of systems biology for engineering protein production in CHO cells
CC Kuo, AWT Chiang, I Shamie, M Samoudi, JM Gutierrez, NE Lewis
Current opinion in biotechnology 51, 64-69, 2018
Optimizing eukaryotic cell hosts for protein production through systems biotechnology and genome‐scale modeling
JM Gutierrez, NE Lewis
Biotechnology journal 10 (7), 939-949, 2015
Quantitative feature extraction from the Chinese hamster ovary bioprocess bibliome using a novel meta-analysis workflow
A Golabgir, JM Gutierrez, H Hefzi, S Li, BO Palsson, C Herwig, NE Lewis
Biotechnology advances 34 (5), 621-633, 2016
Genome-scale reconstructions of the mammalian secretory pathway predict metabolic costs and limitations of protein secretion
JM Gutierrez, A Feizi, S Li, TB Kallehauge, H Hefzi, LM Grav, D Ley, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-10, 2020
Multiplex secretome engineering enhances recombinant protein production and purity
S Kol, D Ley, T Wulff, M Decker, J Arnsdorf, S Schoffelen, AH Hansen, ...
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The human secretome–the proteins secreted from human cells
M Uhlen, H Tegel, Å Sivertsson, CC Kuo, JM Gutierrez, NE Lewis, ...
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Combating viral contaminants in CHO cells by engineering innate immunity
AWT Chiang, S Li, BP Kellman, G Chattopadhyay, Y Zhang, CC Kuo, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-15, 2019
Cardiovascular Events Associated with Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cell Therapy: Cross-Sectional FDA Adverse Events Reporting System Analysis
A Guha, D Addison, P Jain, JM Gutierrez, A Ghosh, C Roddie, M de Lima, ...
Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation 26 (12), 2211-2216, 2020
What does your cell really do? Model-based assessment of mammalian cells metabolic functionalities using omics data
A Richelle, BP Kellman, AT Wenzel, AWT Chiang, T Reagan, ...
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Coordinate regulation of systemic and kidney tryptophan metabolism by the drug transporters OAT1 and OAT3
JC Granados, A Richelle, JM Gutierrez, P Zhang, X Zhang, V Bhatnagar, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 100575, 2021
Predicting hospitalizations related to ambulatory care sensitive conditions with machine learning for population health planning: derivation and validation cohort study
SE Yi, V Harish, JM Gutierrez, M Ravaut, K Kornas, T Watson, T Poutanen, ...
medRxiv, 2021
Development of a Multivariable Model for COVID-19 Risk Stratification Based on Gradient Boosting Decision Trees
JM Gutierrez, M Volkovs, T Poutanen, T Watson, L Rosella
medRxiv, 2020
Combating viral contaminants in CHO cells by engineering STAT1 mediated innate immunity
AWT Chiang, S Li, BP Kellman, G Chattopadhyay, Y Zhang, CC Kuo, ...
bioRxiv, 423590, 2018
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