Thanasis Korakis
Thanasis Korakis
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CoopMAC: A cooperative MAC for wireless LANs
P Liu, Z Tao, S Narayanan, T Korakis, SS Panwar
IEEE journal on selected areas in Communications 25 (2), 340-354, 2007
CDR-MAC: A protocol for full exploitation of directional antennas in ad hoc wireless networks
T Korakis, G Jakllari, L Tassiulas
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 7 (2), 145-155, 2008
Network store: Exploring slicing in future 5G networks
N Nikaein, E Schiller, R Favraud, K Katsalis, D Stavropoulos, I Alyafawi, ...
Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Mobility in the Evolving …, 2015
Directional cell discovery in millimeter wave cellular networks
CN Barati, SA Hosseini, S Rangan, P Liu, T Korakis, SS Panwar, ...
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 14 (12), 6664-6678, 2015
Initial access in millimeter wave cellular systems
CN Barati, SA Hosseini, M Mezzavilla, T Korakis, SS Panwar, S Rangan, ...
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 15 (12), 7926-7940, 2016
A cross-layer framework for association control in wireless mesh networks
G Athanasiou, T Korakis, O Ercetin, L Tassiulas
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 8 (1), 65-80, 2008
Wireless-optical network convergence: enabling the 5G architecture to support operational and end-user services
A Tzanakaki, M Anastasopoulos, I Berberana, D Syrivelis, P Flegkas, ...
IEEE Communications Magazine 55 (10), 184-192, 2017
Pursuing a software defined information-centric network
D Syrivelis, G Parisis, D Trossen, P Flegkas, V Sourlas, T Korakis, ...
2012 European Workshop on Software Defined Networking, 103-108, 2012
Handling asymmetry in gain in directional antenna equipped ad hoc networks
G Jakllari, I Broustis, T Korakis, SV Krishnamurthy, L Tassiulas
2005 IEEE 16th International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio …, 2005
Dynamic cross-layer association in 802.11-based mesh networks
G Athanasiou, T Korakis, O Ercetin, L Tassiulas
IEEE INFOCOM 2007-26th IEEE International Conference on Computer …, 2007
Cooperative network implementation using open-source platforms
T Korakis, M Knox, E Erkip, S Panwar
IEEE Communications Magazine 47 (2), 134-141, 2009
A cooperative MAC protocol for ad hoc wireless networks
T Korakis, Z Tao, Y Slutskiy, S Panwar
Fifth Annual IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and …, 2007
Link quality based association mechanism in IEEE 802.11 h compliant wireless LANs
T Korakis, O Ercetin, S Krishnamurthy, L Tassiulas, S Tripathi
Workshop on Resource Allocation in Wireless NETworks 2005, RAWNET 2005 87, 5, 2005
Dynamic rate and FEC adaptation for video multicast in multi-rate wireless networks
O Alay, C Li, A Rai, T Korakis, Y Wang, S Panwary
2009 5th International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures …, 2009
Implementing a cooperative MAC protocol for wireless LANs
T Korakis, S Narayanan, A Bagri, S Panwar
2006 IEEE International Conference on Communications 10, 4805-4810, 2006
Layered wireless video multicast using relays
Ö Alay, T Korakis, Y Wang, E Erkip, SS Panwar
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology 20 (8), 1095-1109, 2010
Challenge: COSMOS: A city-scale programmable testbed for experimentation with advanced wireless
D Raychaudhuri, I Seskar, G Zussman, T Korakis, D Kilper, T Chen, ...
Proceedings of the 26th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing …, 2020
Performance of DASH and WebRTC video services for mobile users
F Fund, C Wang, Y Liu, T Korakis, M Zink, SS Panwar
2013 20th International Packet Video Workshop, 1-8, 2013
Toward moving public safety networks
R Favraud, A Apostolaras, N Nikaein, T Korakis
IEEE Communications Magazine 54 (3), 14-20, 2016
CoopMAX: a cooperative MAC with randomized distributed space time coding for an IEEE 802.16 network
C Nie, P Liu, T Korakis, E Erkip, SS Panwar
US Patent 8,792,367, 2014
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