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Gun-Seok Park
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Plant growth-promoting potential of endophytic fungi isolated from Solanum nigrum leaves
AR Khan, I Ullah, M Waqas, R Shahzad, SJ Hong, GS Park, BK Jung, ...
World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 31 (9), 1461-1466, 2015
Host plant growth promotion and cadmium detoxification in Solanum nigrum, mediated by endophytic fungi
AR Khan, I Ullah, M Waqas, GS Park, AL Khan, SJ Hong, R Ullah, ...
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 136, 180-188, 2017
Improvement in phytoremediation potential of Solanum nigrum under cadmium contamination through endophytic-assisted Serratia sp. RSC-14 inoculation
AR Khan, I Ullah, AL Khan, GS Park, M Waqas, SJ Hong, BK Jung, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22 (18), 14032-14042, 2015
Analysis of phytohormones and phosphate solubilization in Photorhabdus spp.
I Ullah, AR Khan, GS Park, JH Lim, M Waqas, IJ Lee, JH Shin
Food Science and Biotechnology 22 (1), 25-31, 2013
Full-genome sequence analysis of a variant strain of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in South Korea
S Lee, GS Park, JH Shin, C Lee
Genome Announc. 2 (6), e01116-14, 2014
Emulating Host-Microbiome Ecosystem of Human Gastrointestinal Tract In Vitro
GS Park, MH Park, W Shin, C Zhao, S Sheikh, SJ Oh, HJ Kim
Stem Cell Reviews and Reports, 1-14, 2017
Phytostabilization and physicochemical responses of Korean ecotype Solanum nigrum L. to cadmium contamination
AR Khan, I Ullah, AL Khan, SJ Hong, M Waqas, GS Park, Y Kwak, JB Choi, ...
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 225 (10), 2147, 2014
Complete genome analysis of Serratia marcescens RSC-14: A plant growth-promoting bacterium that alleviates cadmium stress in host plants
AR Khan, GS Park, S Asaf, SJ Hong, BK Jung, JH Shin
PloS one 12 (2), 2017
High quality draft genome sequence of the type strain of Pseudomonas lutea OK2 T, a phosphate-solubilizing rhizospheric bacterium
Y Kwak, GS Park, JH Shin
Standards in genomic sciences 11 (1), 51, 2016
Draft genome sequence of entomopathogenic bacterium Photorhabdus temperata strain M1021, isolated from nematodes
GS Park, AR Khan, SJ Hong, EK Jang, I Ullah, BK Jung, JB Choi, NK Yoo, ...
Genome Announc. 1 (5), e00747-13, 2013
Mitochondrial mutations in cholestatic liver disease with biliary atresia
H Koh, GS Park, SM Shin, CE Park, S Kim, SJ Han, HQ Pham, JH Shin, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-14, 2018
Genome sequence of a native-feather degrading extremely thermophilic Eubacterium, Fervidobacterium islandicum AW-1
YJ Lee, H Jeong, GS Park, Y Kwak, SJ Lee, SJ Lee, MK Park, JY Kim, ...
Standards in genomic sciences 10 (1), 71, 2015
The first chloroplast genome sequence of Boswellia sacra, a resin-producing plant in Oman
AL Khan, A Al-Harrasi, S Asaf, CE Park, GS Park, AR Khan, IJ Lee, ...
PloS one 12 (1), 2017
Identification and characterization of the insecticidal toxin “makes caterpillars floppy” in Photorhabdus temperata M1021 using a cosmid library
I Ullah, EK Jang, MS Kim, JH Shin, GS Park, AR Khan, SJ Hong, BK Jung, ...
Toxins 6 (7), 2024-2040, 2014
Genome sequence of Mycobacterium aromaticivorans JS19b1T, a novel isolate from Hawaiian soil
Y Kwak, GS Park, SE Lee, QX Li, JH Shin
Journal of biotechnology 186, 137-138, 2014
Complete genome sequence of the caprolactam-degrading bacterium Pseudomonas mosselii SJ10 isolated from wastewater of a nylon 6 production plant
GS Park, JH Chu, SJ Hong, Y Kwak, AR Khan, BK Jung, I Ullah, JH Shin
Journal of biotechnology 192, 263-264, 2014
An improved effective microorganism (EM) soil ball-making method for water quality restoration
GS Park, AR Khan, Y Kwak, SJ Hong, BK Jung, I Ullah, JG Kim, JH Shin
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23 (2), 1100-1107, 2016
Isolation, identification, and characterization of a keratin-degrading bacterium Chryseobacterium sp. P1-3
SJ Hong, GS Park, BK Jung, AR Khan, YJ Park, CH Lee, JH Shin
Journal of Applied Biological Chemistry 58 (3), 247-251, 2015
Isolation of Burkholderia cepacia JBK9 with plant growth-promoting activity while producing pyrrolnitrin antagonistic to plant fungal diseases
BK Jung, SJ Hong, GS Park, MC Kim, JH Shin
Applied Biological Chemistry 61 (2), 173-180, 2018
The complete mitochondrial genome sequence of the greater wax moth Galleria mellonella (Insecta, Lepidoptera, Pyralidae): sequence and phylogenetic analysis …
YJ Park, CE Park, SJ Hong, BK Jung, JC Ibal, GS Park, JH Shin
Mitochondrial DNA Part B 2 (2), 714-715, 2017
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