Babak Moradi
Babak Moradi
Reservoir Engineer, PETRONAS의 이메일 확인됨
Experimental study of water-based nanofluid alternating gas injection as a novel enhanced oil-recovery method in oil-wet carbonate reservoirs
B Moradi, P Pourafshary, F Jalali, M Mohammadi, MA Emadi
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 27, 64-73, 2015
Application of SiO2 Nano Particles to Improve the Performance of Water Alternating Gas EOR Process
B Moradi, P Pourafshary, FJ Farahani, M Mohammadi, MA Emadi
SPE Oil & Gas India Conference and Exhibition, 2015
New minimum miscibility pressure (MMP) correlation for hydrocarbon miscible injections
AM Maklavani, A Vatani, B Moradi, J Tangsirifard
Brazilian journal of petroleum and gas 4 (1), 2010
Effect of gas recycling on the enhancement of condensate recovery in an Iranian fractured gas/condensate reservoir
B Moradi, J Tangsiri Fard, MR Rasaei, A Momeni, MB Bagheri
Trinidad and Tobago Energy Resources Conference, 2010
Study of various water alternating gas injection methods in 4-and 5-spot injection patterns in an Iranian fractured reservoir
MJ Darvishnezhad, B Moradi, G Zargar, A Jannatrostami, GH Montazeri
Trinidad and Tobago Energy Resources Conference, 2010
Maximizing the oil recovery through miscible water alternating gas (WAG) injection in an Iranian oil reservoir
KA Aghdam, JS Moghaddas, B Moradi, M Dabiri, M Hassanzadeh
Petroleum science and technology 31 (22), 2431-2440, 2013
Effects of fracture properties on numerical simulation of a naturally fractured reservoir
M Noroozi, B Moradi, G Bashiri
Trinidad and Tobago Energy Resources Conference, 2010
Study of gas injection effects on rock and fluid of a gas condensate reservoir during underground gas storage process
B Moradi
Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference, 2009
Selection of the best artificial lift method for one of the Iranian oil field using multiple attribute decision making methods
E Fatahi, H Jalalifar, P Pourafshari, B Moradi
International Journal of Engineering and Technology 2 (2), 188-193, 2012
Effects of nanoparticles on gas production, viscosity reduction, and foam formation during nanofluid alternating gas injection in low and high permeable carbonate reservoirs
B Moradi, P Pourafshary, F Jalali, M Mohammadi
The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 95 (3), 479-490, 2017
A new approach for the development of fast-analysis proxies for petroleum reservoir simulation
MH Sefat, K Salahshoor, M Jamialahmadi, B Moradi
Petroleum science and technology 30 (18), 1920-1930, 2012
evaluation of different flooding scenarios as enhanced oil recovery method in a fractured reservoir: A case study
A Shahvaranfard, B Moradi, SA Tahami, A Gholami
Brazilian journal of petroleum and gas 3 (3), 2009
Experimental study and numerical modeling for enhancing oil recovery from carbonate reservoirs by nanoparticle flooding
M Sepehri, B Moradi, A Emamzadeh, AH Mohammadi
Oil & Gas Science and Technology–Revue d’IFP Energies nouvelles 74, 5, 2019
Investigating the effect of nano-silica on efficiency of the foam in enhanced oil recovery
MHF Seyyed Ahmadreza Amirsadat, Babak Moradi, Ali Zeinolabedini Hezave ...
Korean J. Chem. Eng., 34 34 (12), 3119–3124, 2017
An integrated approach for determination of pore-type distribution in carbonate-siliciclastic Asmari Reservoir, Cheshmeh-Khosh Oilfield, SW Iran
S Gharechelou, A Amini, A Kadkhodaie-Ilkhchi, B Moradi
Journal of Geophysics and Engineering 12 (5), 793-809, 2015
An improved ant colony algorithm–Based ANN for bottom hole pressure prediction in underbalanced drilling
R Nasimi, R Irani, B Moradi
Petroleum science and technology 30 (13), 1307-1316, 2012
New Correlation for Calculation of Hydrocarbon Gas Minimum Miscibility Pressure (MMP) Using Wide Experimental Data
AMBM M. Ghorbani
Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology 31 (24), 2577-2584, 2013
Effects of different block size distributions in pressure transient response of naturally fractured reservoirs
GH Montazeri, SA Tahami, B Moradi, E Safari
Brazilian Journal of Petroleum and Gas 5 (3), 2011
Miscible Gas Injection Study in a Naturally Fractured Reservoir: A Case Study
B Moradi, H Tousinia
Trinidad and Tobago Energy Resources Conference, 2010
Investigation and comparison of production in vertical, horizontal, slanted and hydraulically fractured wells in a gas condensate field
B Moradi, A Tahami, H Dehghani, M Alishir, A Dehghan
J. Petroleum Sci. Res 3 (3), 2014
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