Saeid Hamzeh
Saeid Hamzeh
Associate Professor of Remote Sensing and GIS, University of Tehran의 이메일 확인됨
Estimating salinity stress in sugarcane fields with spaceborne hyperspectral vegetation indices
S Hamzeh, AA Naseri, SK Alavipanah, B Mojaradi, HM Bartholomeus, ...
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 21 …, 2013
A satellite based crop water stress index for irrigation scheduling in sugarcane fields
S Veysi, AA Naseri, S Hamzeh, H Bartholomeus
Agricultural water management 189, 70-86, 2017
Normalizing land surface temperature for environmental parameters in mountainous and urban areas of a cold semi-arid climate
Q Weng, MK Firozjaei, M Kiavarz, SK Alavipanah, S Hamzeh
Science of the Total Environment 650, 515-529, 2019
Combination of Fuzzy and AHP methods to assess land suitability for barley: Case Study of semi arid lands in the southwest of Iran
S Hamzeh, M Mokarram, SK Alavipanah
Desert 19 (2), 173-181, 2014
Modeling thermal comfort in different condition of mind using satellite images: An Ordered Weighted Averaging approach and a case study
N Mijani, SK Alavipanah, S Hamzeh, MK Firozjaei, JJ Arsanjani
Ecological Indicators 104, 1-12, 2019
Using machine learning for land suitability classification
M Mokarram, S Hamzeh, F Aminzadeh, AR Zarei
West African Journal of Applied Ecology 23 (1), 63-73, 2015
Impact assessment of meteorological and environmental parameters on PM 2.5 concentrations using remote sensing data and GWR analysis (case study of Tehran)
F Hajiloo, S Hamzeh, M Gheysari
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26 (24), 24331-24345, 2019
Feature selection as a time and cost-saving approach for land suitability classification (case study of Shavur Plain, Iran)
S Hamzeh, M Mokarram, A Haratian, H Bartholomeus, A Ligtenberg, ...
Agriculture 6 (4), 52, 2016
Assessing the accuracy of hyperspectral and multispectral satellite imagery for categorical and quantitative mapping of salinity stress in sugarcane fields
S Hamzeh, AA Naseri, SK AlaviPanah, H Bartholomeus, M Herold
International journal of applied earth observation and geoinformation 52 …, 2016
Quantitative assessment of Urmia Lake water using spaceborne multisensor data and 3D modeling
M Jeihouni, A Toomanian, SK Alavipanah, S Hamzeh
Environmental monitoring and assessment 189 (11), 1-15, 2017
Multi-objective optimization of the reservoir system operation by using the hedging policy
A Azari, S Hamzeh, S Naderi
Water resources management 32 (6), 2061-2078, 2018
Diurnal air temperature modeling based on the land surface temperature
M Gholamnia, SK Alavipanah, A Darvishi Boloorani, S Hamzeh, ...
Remote Sensing 9 (9), 915, 2017
Comparison of soil moisture retrieval algorithms based on the synergy between SMAP and SMOS-IC
M Ebrahimi-Khusfi, SK Alavipanah, S Hamzeh, F Amiraslani, NN Samany, ...
International journal of applied earth observation and geoinformation 67 …, 2018
Long term groundwater balance and water quality monitoring in the eastern plains of Urmia Lake, Iran: a novel GIS based low cost approach
M Jeihouni, A Toomanian, SK Alavipanah, S Hamzeh, P Pilesjö
Journal of African Earth Sciences 147, 11-19, 2018
Mapping salinity stress in sugarcane fields with hyperspecteral satellite imagery
S Hamzeh, AA Naseri, SKA Panah, B Mojaradi, HM Bartholomeus, ...
Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology XIV 8531, 85312B, 2012
Editors’ Letter
H Kazemi, E Szado
Exploiting the synergy between SMAP and SMOS to improve brightness temperature simulations and soil moisture retrievals in arid regions
M Ebrahimi, SK Alavipanah, S Hamzeh, F Amiraslani, NN Samany, ...
Journal of Hydrology 557, 740-752, 2018
The spatial differentiation of soil salinity at the young saline coastal plain of the Caspian region
МВ Конюшкова, С Алавипанах, А Абдоллахи, С Хамзех, А Хидари, ...
Бюллетень Почвенного института им. ВВ Докучаева, 2018
Modeling outdoor thermal comfort using satellite imagery: A principle component analysis-based approach
N Mijani, SK Alavipanah, MK Firozjaei, JJ Arsanjani, S Hamzeh, Q Weng
Ecological Indicators 117, 106555, 2020
Remote sensing application in evaluation of soil characteristics in desert areas
SK Alavipanah, AA Damavandi, S Mirzaei, A Rezaei, S Hamzeh, ...
Natural Environment Change 2 (1), 1-24, 2016
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