Christopher M Lewis
Christopher M Lewis
University of Zürich
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Neural basis and recovery of spatial attention deficits in spatial neglect
M Corbetta, MJ Kincade, C Lewis, AZ Snyder, A Sapir
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Learning sculpts the spontaneous activity of the resting human brain
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Temporal dynamics of spontaneous MEG activity in brain networks
F De Pasquale, S Della Penna, AZ Snyder, C Lewis, D Mantini, L Marzetti, ...
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Increased functional connectivity indicates the severity of cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis
DJ Hawellek, JF Hipp, CM Lewis, M Corbetta, AK Engel
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Individual variability in functional connectivity predicts performance of a perceptual task
A Baldassarre*, CM Lewis*, G Committeri, AZ Snyder, GL Romani, ...
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Three-dimensional integrated circuits for low-power, high-bandwidth systems on a chip
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Value-guided remapping of sensory cortex by lateral orbitofrontal cortex
A Banerjee, G Parente, J Teutsch, C Lewis, FF Voigt, F Helmchen
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In vivo magnetic recording of neuronal activity
L Caruso, T Wunderle, CM Lewis, J Valadeiro, V Trauchessec, JT Rosillo, ...
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Opto‐E‐Dura: A Soft, Stretchable ECoG Array for Multimodal, Multiscale Neuroscience
A Renz, J Lee, K Tybrandt, M Brzezinski, D Lorenzo, M Cerra Cheraka, ...
Advanced Healthcare Materials 9 (17), 2020
Orienting towards ensembles: from single cells to neural populations
CM Lewis, AE Lazar
Journal of Neuroscience 33 (1), 2-3, 2013
Source-reconstruction of the sensorimotor network from resting-state macaque electrocorticography
R Hindriks, C Micheli, CA Bosman, R Oostenveld, C Lewis, D Mantini, ...
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CM Lewis, CA Bosman, NM Brunet, B Lima, MJ Roberts, T Womelsdorf, ...
bioRxiv, 049718, 2016
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