Hui Jing
Hui Jing
HuNan Normal University
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PT-symmetric phonon laser
H Jing, SK Özdemir, XY Lü, J Zhang, L Yang, F Nori
Physical review letters 113 (5), 053604, 2014
-Symmetry-Breaking Chaos in Optomechanics
XY Lü, H Jing, JY Ma, Y Wu
Physical review letters 114 (25), 253601, 2015
Metrology with -Symmetric Cavities: Enhanced Sensitivity near the -Phase Transition
ZP Liu, J Zhang, ŞK Özdemir, B Peng, H Jing, XY Lü, CW Li, L Yang, ...
Physical review letters 117 (11), 110802, 2016
Optomechanically-induced transparency in parity-time-symmetric microresonators
H Jing, ŞK Özdemir, Z Geng, J Zhang, XY Lü, B Peng, L Yang, F Nori
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-7, 2015
Squeezed optomechanics with phase-matched amplification and dissipation
XY Lü, Y Wu, JR Johansson, H Jing, J Zhang, F Nori
Physical review letters 114 (9), 093602, 2015
A SIRT2-selective inhibitor promotes c-Myc oncoprotein degradation and exhibits broad anticancer activity
H Jing, J Hu, B He, YLN Abril, J Stupinski, K Weiser, M Carbonaro, ...
Cancer cell 29 (3), 297-310, 2016
Sirtuins in epigenetic regulation
H Jing, H Lin
Chemical reviews 115 (6), 2350-2375, 2015
Nonreciprocal photon blockade
R Huang, A Miranowicz, JQ Liao, F Nori, H Jing
Physical review letters 121 (15), 153601, 2018
Efficient demyristoylase activity of SIRT2 revealed by kinetic and structural studies
YB Teng, H Jing, P Aramsangtienchai, B He, S Khan, J Hu, H Lin, Q Hao
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-8, 2015
Sirtuin inhibitors as anticancer agents
J Hu, H Jing, H Lin
Future medicinal chemistry 6 (8), 945-966, 2014
High-order exceptional points in optomechanics
H Jing, ŞK Özdemir, H Lü, F Nori
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-10, 2017
RobustPath Following Control for Autonomous Ground Vehicles With Delay and Data Dropout
R Wang, H Jing, C Hu, F Yan, N Chen
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 17 (7), 2042-2050, 2016
Spin-Orbit-Coupled Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensates
Y Deng, J Cheng, H Jing, CP Sun, S Yi
Physical Review Letters 108, 125301, 2012
Experimental demonstration of spontaneous chirality in a nonlinear microresonator
QT Cao, H Wang, CH Dong, H Jing, RS Liu, X Chen, L Ge, Q Gong, ...
Physical Review Letters 118 (3), 033901, 2017
Giant nonlinearity via breaking parity-time symmetry: A route to low-threshold phonon diodes
J Zhang, B Peng, ŞK Özdemir, Y Liu, H Jing, X Lü, Y Liu, L Yang, F Nori
Physical Review B 92 (11), 115407, 2015
Flying couplers above spinning resonators generate irreversible refraction
S Maayani, R Dahan, Y Kligerman, E Moses, AU Hassan, H Jing, F Nori, ...
Nature 558 (7711), 569-572, 2018
Quantum-dynamical theory for squeezing the output of a Bose-Einstein condensate
H Jing, JL Chen, ML Ge
Physical Review A 63 (1), 015601, 2000
Exceptional points in random-defect phonon lasers
H Lü, SK Özdemir, LM Kuang, F Nori, H Jing
Physical Review Applied 8 (4), 044020, 2017
Nonlinear optomechanics with gain and loss: amplifying higher-order sideband and group delay
Y Jiao, H Lü, J Qian, Y Li, H Jing
New Journal of Physics 18 (8), 083034, 2016
Robust H∞ output-feedback yaw control for in-wheel motor driven electric vehicles with differential steering
R Wang, H Jing, C Hu, M Chadli, F Yan
Neurocomputing 173, 676-684, 2016
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