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Synthesis of Ag/ZnO nanorods array with enhanced photocatalytic performance
C Ren, B Yang, M Wu, J Xu, Z Fu, T Guo, Y Zhao, C Zhu
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Boosting oxygen reduction catalysis with abundant copper single atom active sites
F Li, GF Han, HJ Noh, SJ Kim, Y Lu, HY Jeong, Z Fu, JB Baek
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Construction of Z-scheme type CdS–Au–TiO2 hollow nanorod arrays with enhanced photocatalytic activity
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Novel N−F-Codoped TiO2 Inverse Opal with a Hierarchical Meso-/Macroporous Structure: Synthesis, Characterization, and Photocatalysis
J Xu, B Yang, M Wu, Z Fu, Y Lv, Y Zhao
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Growth and photocatalytic properties of one-dimensional ZnO nanostructures prepared by thermal evaporation
H Yan, J Hou, Z Fu, B Yang, P Yang, K Liu, M Wen, Y Chen, S Fu, F Li
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Low magnetic field response single-phase multiferroics under high temperature
J Wang, Z Fu, R Peng, M Liu, S Sun, H Huang, L Li, RJ Knize, Y Lu
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Strain-induced high-temperature perovskite ferromagnetic insulator
D Meng, H Guo, Z Cui, C Ma, J Zhao, J Lu, H Xu, Z Wang, X Hu, Z Fu, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (12), 2873-2877, 2018
Visible light responsive Bi 7 Fe 3 Ti 3 O 21 nanoshelf photocatalysts with ferroelectricity and ferromagnetism
X Li, Z Ju, F Li, Y Huang, Y Xie, Z Fu, RJ Knize, Y Lu
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (33), 13366-13372, 2014
Efficient one-pot synthesis of Ag nanoparticles loaded on N-doped multiphase TiO2 hollow nanorod arrays with enhanced photocatalytic activity
M Wu, B Yang, Y Lv, Z Fu, J Xu, T Guo, Y Zhao
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Facile synthesis of Ag nanoparticles supported on TiO2 inverse opal with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Y Zhao, B Yang, J Xu, Z Fu, M Wu, F Li
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Multifunctional hybrid metasurfaces for dynamic tuning of terahertz waves
H Cai, S Chen, C Zou, Q Huang, Y Liu, X Hu, Z Fu, Y Zhao, H He, Y Lu
Advanced Optical Materials 6 (14), 1800257, 2018
Building and identifying highly active oxygenated groups in carbon materials for oxygen reduction to H 2 O 2
GF Han, F Li, W Zou, M Karamad, JP Jeon, SW Kim, SJ Kim, Y Bu, Z Fu, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-9, 2020
Strong room-temperature ultraviolet emission from nanocrystalline ZnO and ZnO: Ag films grown by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
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Balancing hydrogen adsorption/desorption by orbital modulation for efficient hydrogen evolution catalysis
F Li, GF Han, HJ Noh, JP Jeon, I Ahmad, S Chen, C Yang, Y Bu, Z Fu, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-7, 2019
Realizing selective water splitting hydrogen/oxygen evolution on ferroelectric Bi3TiNbO9 nanosheets
X Yin, X Li, H Liu, W Gu, W Zou, L Zhu, Z Fu, Y Lu
Nano Energy 49, 489-497, 2018
Construction of Porous Mo3P/Mo Nanobelts as Catalysts for Efficient Water Splitting
F Li, GF Han, HJ Noh, Y Lu, J Xu, Y Bu, Z Fu, JB Baek
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (43), 14139-14143, 2018
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