Samuel A. Nastase
Samuel A. Nastase
Postdoctoral researcher, Princeton University
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Measuring shared responses across subjects using intersubject correlation
SA Nastase, V Gazzola, U Hasson, C Keysers
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 14 (6), 667-685, 2019
Direct fit to nature: an evolutionary perspective on biological and artificial neural networks
U Hasson, SA Nastase, A Goldstein
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Attention selectively reshapes the geometry of distributed semantic representation
SA Nastase, AC Connolly, NN Oosterhof, YO Halchenko, JS Guntupalli, ...
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Uncertainty in visual and auditory series is coded by modality‐general and modality‐specific neural systems
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How the human brain represents perceived dangerousness or “predacity” of animals
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Keep it real: rethinking the primacy of experimental control in cognitive neuroscience
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Hyperalignment: modeling shared information encoded in idiosyncratic cortical topographies
JV Haxby, JS Guntupalli, SA Nastase, M Feilong
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Reliable individual differences in fine-grained cortical functional architecture
M Feilong, SA Nastase, JS Guntupalli, JV Haxby
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Narratives for neuroscience
RM Willems, SA Nastase, B Milivojevic
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Modeling semantic encoding in a common neural representational space
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Naturalistic stimuli reveal a dominant role for agentic action in visual representation
JV Haxby, MI Gobbini, SA Nastase
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Leveraging shared connectivity to aggregate heterogeneous datasets into a common response space
SA Nastase, YF Liu, H Hillman, KA Norman, U Hasson
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Narratives: fMRI data for evaluating models of naturalistic language comprehension
SA Nastase, YF Liu, H Hillman, A Zadbood, L Hasenfratz, N Keshavarzian, ...
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Data-efficient mutual information neural estimator
X Lin, I Sur, SA Nastase, A Divakaran, U Hasson, MR Amer
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Structural Basis of Semantic Memory
SA Nastase, JV Haxby
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Connectivity in the human brain dissociates entropy and complexity of auditory inputs
SA Nastase, V Iacovella, B Davis, U Hasson
NeuroImage 108, 292-300, 2015
Neural responses to naturalistic clips of behaving animals in two different task contexts
SA Nastase, YO Halchenko, AC Connolly, MI Gobbini, JV Haxby
Frontiers in Neuroscience 12, 316, 2018
Brainhack: Developing a culture of open, inclusive, community-driven neuroscience
R Gau, S Noble, K Heuer, KL Bottenhorn, IP Bilgin, YF Yang, ...
Neuron 109 (11), 1769-1775, 2021
Teacher-student neural coupling during teaching and learning
M Nguyen, A Chang, E Micciche, M Meshulam, SA Nastase, U Hasson
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Cross-modal searchlight classification: methodological challenges and recommended solutions
SA Nastase, B Davis, YO Halchenko, U Hasson
2016 International Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging (PRNI), 2016
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