Kun Guo
Kun Guo
School of Psychology, University of Lincoln
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Dogs recognize dog and human emotions
N Albuquerque, K Guo, A Wilkinson, C Savalli, E Otta, D Mills
Biology Letters 12 (1), 2016
Left gaze bias in humans, rhesus monkeys and domestic dogs
K Guo, K Meints, C Hall, S Hall, D Mills
Animal cognition 12 (3), 409-418, 2009
Discrimination of human and dog faces and inversion responses in domestic dogs (Canis familiaris)
A Racca, E Amadei, S Ligout, K Guo, K Meints, D Mills
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Reading faces: differential lateral gaze bias in processing canine and human facial expressions in dogs and 4-year-old children
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Acetylcholine dynamically controls spatial integration in marmoset primary visual cortex
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How do monkeys view faces?—a study of eye movements
K Guo, RG Robertson, S Mahmoodi, Y Tadmor, MP Young
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Cholinergic modulation of response properties and orientation tuning of neurons in primary visual cortex of anaesthetized Marmoset monkeys
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Differential gaze behavior towards sexually preferred and non-preferred human figures
C Hall, T Hogue, K Guo
Journal of Sex Research 48 (5), 461-469, 2011
Holistic gaze strategy to categorize facial expression of varying intensities
K Guo
Public Library of Science 7 (8), e42585, 2012
Measurements of geometric illusions, illusory contours and stereo-depth at luminance and colour contrast
CY Li, K Guo
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Longer fixation duration while viewing face images
K Guo, S Mahmoodi, RG Robertson, MP Young
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Pattern motion is present in V1 of awake but not anaesthetized monkeys
K Guo, PJ Benson, C Blakemore
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Human spontaneous gaze patterns in viewing of faces of different species
K Guo, D Tunnicliffe, H Roebuck
Perception 39 (4), 533-542, 2010
Consistent left gaze bias in processing different facial cues
K Guo, C Smith, K Powell, K Nicholls
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Eye position-dependent activation of neurones in striate cortex of macaque
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Centre‐surround interactions in response to natural scene stimulation in the primary visual cortex
K Guo, RG Robertson, S Mahmoodi, MP Young
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I know you are beautiful even without looking at you: Discrimination of facial beauty in peripheral vision
K Guo, CH Liu, H Roebuck
Perception 40 (2), 191-195, 2011
Development of a head-mounted, eye-tracking system for dogs
FJ Williams, DS Mills, K Guo
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Spatio‐temporal prediction and inference by V1 neurons
K Guo, RG Robertson, M Pulgarin, A Nevado, S Panzeri, A Thiele, ...
European Journal of Neuroscience 26 (4), 1045-1054, 2007
Effects on orientation perception of manipulating the spatio–temporal prior probability of stimuli
K Guo, A Nevado, RG Robertson, M Pulgarin, A Thiele, MP Young
Vision research 44 (20), 2349-2358, 2004
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