Thomas Pfeiffer
Thomas Pfeiffer
Nokia Bell Labs
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An introduction to PON technologies
F Effenberger, D Cleary, O Haran, G Kramer, RD Li, M Oron, T Pfeiffer
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Next generation mobile fronthaul and midhaul architectures
T Pfeiffer
Journal of Optical Communications and Networking 7 (11), B38-B45, 2015
40 GHz pulse generation using a widely tunable all polarisation preserving erbium fibre ring laser
T Pfeiffer, G Veith
Electronics Letters 29, 1849 - 1850, 1993
Next-generation PON-part II: candidate systems for next-generation PON
FJ Effenberger, H Mukai, S Park, T Pfeiffer
IEEE Communications Magazine 47 (11), 50 - 57, 2009
DISCUS: An end-to-end solution for ubiquitous broadband optical access
M Ruffini, L Wosinska, M Achouche, J Chen, N Doran, F Farjady, ...
IEEE Communications Magazine 52 (2), S24-S32, 2014
Output power characteristics of erbium doped fibre ring lasers
T Pfeiffer, H Schmuck, H Bülow
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 4, 847 - 849, 1992
Next generation mobile fronthaul architectures
T Pfeiffer
OFC 2015, Los Angeles, M2J.7, 2015
Subpicosecond carrier trapping in high-defect-density amorphous Si and GaAs
J Kuhl, EO Göbel, T Pfeiffer, A Jonietz
Applied Physics A 34, 105 - 110, 1984
ACCORDANCE: A novel OFDMA-PON paradigm for ultra-high capacity converged wireline-wireless access networks.
K Kanonakis, I Tomkos, T Pfeiffer, J Prat, P Kourtessis
ICTON 2010, Munich, paper Tu.A1.2, 2010
Analytical gain equation for erbium doped fibre amplifiers including modefield profiles and dopant distribution
T Pfeiffer, H Bülow
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Widely tunable narrow linewidth erbium doped fibre ring laser
H Schmuck, T Pfeiffer, G Veith
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High speed optical network for asynchronous multiuser access applying periodic spectral coding of broadband sources
T Pfeiffer, B Deppisch, M Kaiser, R Heidemann
Electronics Letters 33, 2141 - 2142, 1997
Optoelectronically pulsed slot-line antennas
R Heidemann, T Pfeiffer, D Jäger
Electronics Letters 19, 316 - 317, 1983
Coarse WDM/CDM/TDM concept for optical packet transmission in metropolitan and access networks supporting 400 channels at 2.5 Gb/s peak rate
T Pfeiffer, J Kissing, JP Elbers, B Deppisch, M Witte, H Schmuck, E Voges
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Embedded OTDR techniques for cost-efficient fibre monitoring in optical access networks
H Schmuck, J Hehmann, M Straub, T Pfeiffer
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Technology innovations and architecture solutions for the next‐generation optical access network
RW Heron, T Pfeiffer, DT Veen, J Smith, SS Patel
Bell Labs Technical Journal 13 (1), 163-181, 2008
Operational stability of a spectrally encoded optical CDMA system using inexpensive transmitters without spectral control
T Pfeiffer, B Deppisch, M Witte, R Heidemann
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 11, 916 - 918, 1999
Access and metro network convergence for flexible end-to-end network design
M Ruffini, M Achouche, A Arbelaez, R Bonk, A Di Giglio, NJ Doran, ...
IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking 9 (6), 524-535, 2017
SDN enabled dynamically reconfigurable high capacity optical access architecture for converged services
G Talli, F Slyne, S Porto, D Carey, N Brandonisio, A Naughton, P Ossieur, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 35 (3), 550-560, 2016
Hybrid electro-optical feedback gain-stabilized EDFAs for long-reach wavelength-multiplexed passive optical networks
HG Krimmel, T Pfeiffer, B Deppisch, L Jentsch
ECOC 2009, paper 9.5.3, 2009
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