Kee-Eung Kim
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Learning to cooperate via policy search
L Peshkin, KE Kim, N Meuleau, LP Kaelbling
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Solving very large weakly coupled Markov decision processes
N Meuleau, M Hauskrecht, KE Kim, L Peshkin, LP Kaelbling, TL Dean, ...
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Learning finite-state controllers for partially observable environments
N Meuleau, L Peshkin, KE Kim, LP Kaelbling
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Solving POMDPs by searching the space of finite policies
N Meuleau, KE Kim, LP Kaelbling, AR Cassandra
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Inverse reinforcement learning in partially observable environments
JD Choi, KE Kim
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Nonparametric Bayesian inverse reinforcement learning for multiple reward functions
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Hand grip pattern recognition for mobile user interfaces
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An improved particle filter with a novel hybrid proposal distribution for quantitative analysis of gold immunochromatographic strips
N Zeng, Z Wang, H Zhang, KE Kim, Y Li, X Liu
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Closing the gap: Improved bounds on optimal POMDP solutions
P Poupart, KE Kim, D Kim
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Method and apparatus for inputting function of mobile terminal using user's grip posture while holding mobile terminal
S Cho, H Lee, J Park, W Chang, K Kim
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MAP Inference for Bayesian Inverse Reinforcement Learning.
J Choi, KE Kim
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Exploration in gradient-based reinforcement learning
N Meuleau, L Peshkin, KE Kim
Symbolic Heuristic Search Value Iteration for Factored POMDPs.
HS Sim, KE Kim, JH Kim, DS Chang, MW Koo
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Apparatus and method for controlling portable terminal
J Shim, K Kim, H Kim, J Park, H Lee, H Lee, W Chang, S Chung, S Cho
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Point-based value iteration for constrained POMDPs
D Kim, J Lee, KE Kim, P Poupart
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Approximate linear programming for constrained partially observable Markov decision processes
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Solving factored MDPs using non-homogeneous partitions
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Bayesian nonparametric feature construction for inverse reinforcement learning
J Choi, KE Kim
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Solving Stochastic Planning Problems with Large State and Action Spaces.
TL Dean, R Givan, KE Kim
AIPS, 102-110, 1998
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