Angela Luisa Prendin
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Quantitative wood anatomy—practical guidelines
G von Arx, A Crivellaro, AL Prendin, K Čufar, M Carrer
Frontiers in plant science 7, 781, 2016
Quantification of uncertainties in conifer sap flow measured with the thermal dissipation method
RL Peters, P Fonti, DC Frank, R Poyatos, C Pappas, A Kahmen, V Carraro, ...
New Phytologist 219 (4), 1283-1299, 2018
Retrospective analysis of wood anatomical traits reveals a recent extension in tree cambial activity in two high-elevation conifers
M Carrer, D Castagneri, AL Prendin, G Petit, G von Arx
Frontiers in plant science 8, 737, 2017
New research perspectives from a novel approach to quantify tracheid wall thickness
AL Prendin, G Petit, M Carrer, P Fonti, J Björklund, G von Arx
Tree physiology 37 (7), 976-983, 2017
Osmolality and non-structural carbohydrate composition in the secondary phloem of trees across a latitudinal gradient in Europe
A Lintunen, T Paljakka, T Jyske, M Peltoniemi, F Sterck, G Von Arx, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 7, 726, 2016
Xylem anatomical adjustments prioritize hydraulic efficiency over safety as Norway spruce trees grow taller
AL Prendin, S Mayr, B Beikircher, G von Arx, G Petit
Tree Physiology 38 (8), 1088-1097, 2018
Axial xylem architecture of Larix decidua exposed to CO2 enrichment and soil warming at the tree line
AL Prendin, G Petit, P Fonti, C Rixen, MA Dawes, G von Arx
Functional Ecology 32 (2), 273-287, 2018
RAPTOR: Row and position tracheid organizer in R
RL Peters, D Balanzategui, AG Hurley, G von Arx, AL Prendin, HE Cuny, ...
Dendrochronologia 47, 10-16, 2018
Winter precipitation-not summer temperature-is still the main driver for Alpine shrub growth
M Carrer, E Pellizzari, AL Prendin, M Pividori, M Brunetti
Science of the total environment 682, 171-179, 2019
Immediate and carry‐over effects of insect outbreaks on vegetation growth in West Greenland assessed from cells to satellite
AL Prendin, M Carrer, M Karami, J Hollesen, N Bjerregaard Pedersen, ...
Journal of Biogeography 47 (1), 87-100, 2020
Tree differences in primary and secondary growth drive convergent scaling in leaf area to sapwood area across Europe
G Petit, G von Arx, N Kiorapostolou, S Lechthaler, AL Prendin, T Anfodillo, ...
New Phytologist 218 (4), 1383-1392, 2018
Long-term impacts of defoliator outbreaks on larch xylem structure and tree-ring biomass
D Castagneri, AL Prendin, RL Peters, M Carrer, G von Arx, P Fonti
Frontiers in plant science 11, 1078, 2020
Juniperus communis populations exhibit low variability in hydraulic safety and efficiency
L Unterholzner, M Carrer, A Bär, B Beikircher, B Dämon, A Losso, ...
Tree Physiology 40 (12), 1668-1679, 2020
Science of the Total Environment
M Carrer, E Pellizzari, AL Prendin, M Pividori, M Brunetti
Q-NET–a new scholarly network on quantitative wood anatomy
G von Arx, M Carrer, A Crivellaro, V De Micco, P Fonti, F Lens, AL Prendin, ...
Dendrochronologia 70, 125890, 2021
Xylem traits of peatland Scots pines reveal a complex climatic signal: A study in the Eastern Italian Alps
A Dinella, F Giammarchi, AL Prendin, M Carrer, G Tonon
Dendrochronologia 67, 125824, 2021
Chemical signature of Eurois occulta L. outbreaks in the xylem cell wall of Salix glauca L. in Greenland
AL Prendin, M Carrer, NB Pedersen, S Normand, J Hollesen, UA Treier, ...
Science of the Total Environment 764, 144607, 2021
Environmental effects and biophysical constraints on xylem physiology and tree growth in conifers in the Alps
AL Prendin
Dinamiche di breve periodo della rinnovazione in seguito ad interventi fitosanitari in popolamenti di pino silvestre (Dolomiti) ricostituzione attiva e passiva a confronto.
AL Prendin
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